How to Use Rythm bot discord [Rythm bot commands GUIDE]

Rythm is a bot that allows users to control their servers. It has many commands for music and text, but also special features such as voice chat, encrypted messages, graphs of user activity and more! In this guide we will cover the basic commands associated with Rythm.
Required reading: Discord’s documentation on bots

Rythm is a discord bot that allows you to do things like add friends, search for servers and games, and more. This article will show you how to install the bot in your discord server.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Rythm Bot on Discord to Play, Add, Stop, and Change Music Using Rythm Bot Commands

What is the purpose of Rythm Bot? (Short Description of functions and characteristics)

As the popularity of Discord grows, so does the need for amazing music bots. Without a doubt, Rythm is one of the most popular music bots. The Rythm bot has a variety of straightforward features that enable you to play music directly on your discord server. Rythm also allows you to stream music from a variety of sources, including Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, and many more.

Rythm is the finest music bot for a variety of reasons. 

  • It provides a simple and straightforward collection of functions that any non-technical person can utilize. 
  • Queue and playlist functions that are simple and straightforward to use.
  • Music may be simply streamed from a variety of popular sources.
  • Great support network that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you in resolving your issue.
  • For the Rythm bot, regular upgrades were supplied.
  • With over 20 million discord servers, this bot is the most popular. 

This guide is divided into three sections.

  1. How can I invite/add Rythm Bot to my account? (Helping Hand to people trying rythm for the first time)
  2. What Is Rythm Bot And How Do I Use It? (A Complete how-to guide for Rythm Bot like How to add playlist, skip or stop the song, How to use a queue, and many more)
  3. List of all Rythm Bot commands (A Neat Tabular list for all commands in rythm for you to reference)

I’ve done my best to offer you with all of the information regarding the rhythm bot that you’ll need when using it. This document provides all conceivable rythm bot how-tos. The How-to also includes images of several commands that I tried out on my own Discord channel. If there’s anything more you’d want to see in this guide, let us know in the comments area. 


Rythm Bot: How to Add or Invite It to Your Discord Server

Using the invite URL on the website, you may add the rythm bot to your server. You may also follow the methods outlined below.

STEP 1: Go to to access the rythm bot webpage. 

STEP 2: On the webpage, click the Invite the Bot button. If you have any problems, please use the invite link below.

Invite URL for the Rythm bot


STEP 3: Select the server to which the rythm bot will be added.


STEP 4: Give the rythm bot the rights it needs to function correctly.


STEP 5: You will be led to the rythm bot website, where the dashboard may be seen.

STEP 6: Return to the Discord server where the rythm bot was installed. The rythm bot message will be shown in the general text channel.


You’ve added the Rythm bot to your Discord server successfully!!

The rythm bot’s logo may be seen on the right sidebar for confirmation.

STEP 7: You may also activate the bot on a single channel, which prevents other users from spamming rhythm commands in other channels. 

Select the channel’s settings, then create new roles and assign rythm to the channel’s permissions.


STEP 8: Go to the section under “how to play songs with rythm bot,” where I explain how to use instructions to play music.

I’ll also recommend joining the rythm bot support community group so that if you have any problems with the bot, you can seek assistance from the community. 

The official website is where you may join the community. You may join the support community by clicking on the link I’ve provided below.

Invite Link to Rythm Bot’s Support Server


How to utilize the Rythm Bot on Discord

First and foremost, ensure that the discord bot has been added to the relevant server and that you are connected to any voice channel on that server. 

Let’s get started with some Rythm bot basics.


How to Use Rythm Bot to Play Music in Discord

STEP 1: Become a member of a Voice Channel. By clicking on the channels with a speaker symbol, you may simply join a voice channel.



STEP 2: Use the voice channel to summon rythm. So that rythm may join the same channel as you, use the command ‘!summon’.



STEP 3: Put on some music. You may use the!play command with a song name or a URL from YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and other services.

!a play based on the stars


! play


There are a number of commands related to playing music that are included in the commands section of this page.


How to Use Discord Rythm Bot to Play Spotify Playlists

With merely the ‘!play’ command + URL, the Rythm bot can play music from sites like YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and others.

STEP 1: First and foremost, make sure you’re on the same speech channel as the rhythm bot. Then go over to Spotify and choose your favorite music.

STEP 2: After you’ve downloaded the playlist, copy the URL from your web browser. 


STEP 3: After typing the ‘!play’ command, paste the URL, and rythm will add all of your Spotify playlist tracks to the queue. The Spotify queue may then be managed in the same way as any other music queue.



If you wish to play music from other sites, such as YouTube or SoundCloud, repeat the procedure.


How to Add a Song to the Rythm Bot Queue

When you execute the ‘!play’ command one after another, the music is immediately put to the queue. If you use the play commands ‘!play believer’ and ‘!play shape of you,’ for example, the first command will play the Believer song and the second command will add the shape of your song to the queue.

!assume the role of a believer! play around with your body form



‘!’ may also be used. To put a song to the top of the queue, use the ‘playtop song-name’ command.

!playtop with stars scribbled on it

With the aid of the ‘!queue’ command, you can view all of the songs in the queue. 



The ‘!clear’ command may be used to remove all of the tracks that have been added to the queue.


The commands part of this page has all the commands related to the queue.


How to Use Rhythm Bot to Loop Songs and Queue

Rythm bot has a function that allows you to loop a certain song or all of the songs in the queue.

1. Use the ‘!loop’ command to loop the currently playing song until the ‘!pause’ command is written.



2. Use the ‘!loopqueue’ command to loop the whole queue, which will cycle all of the songs in the queue.




In Rhythm Bot, how do you stop or unloop a song and queue?

If you want to stop or unloop a song or queue, use the ‘!loop’ and ‘!loopqueue’ commands, which turn off the song’s or queue’s loop, respectively. 

Both the songs and the full queue may be unlooped. 

1. Type the ‘!loop’ command to unloop the presently playing tracks.



2. Type the ‘!loopqueue’ command to unloop the whole music queue. 




How to Get Rid of the Rythm Bot 

1. Use the ‘!stop’ or ‘!pause’ instructions to stop the rhythm bot from playing the tunes.



2. You may also disable the rhythm bot by disconnecting from the voice channel where it is active.


In Rythm Bot, how do you skip?

1. Use the ‘!skip’ or ‘!forceskip’ commands to skip the currently playing song.



2. Use ‘!skip’ + song name to skip to a certain song in the queue.

! believer who doesn’t believe


List of all Rythm Bot commands

NOTE: The default prefix for the Rythm bot is


If you modified the prefix in the settings, use that prefix instead of the default prefix before the instructions listed below.


Song Commands for the Rythm Bot 

Song Commands for the Rythm Bot can be played once the rythm bot has been summoned in the voice channel otherwise it will alert you for using text channel.

A list of all Song Commands for the Rythm Bot is mentioned below.

Commands Description
!join  The bot will be summoned to the voice channel you are currently on.
!play <link/query> The specified name or url is used to play a song. song
!playtop <link/query> Adds a song to the head of the queue with the specified name/url.
!playskip <link/query> The current song is skipped and the music you requested is played instead.
!search <query> Returns the top 10 results after searching for a song using your keyword.
!soundcloud <link/query> Plays the music with the specified name/url from SoundCloud.
!nowplaying The tune Rythm is now playing is shown.
!grab  The currently played music is saved in your Direct Messages.
!seek <time> Attempts to reach a certain spot on the current track.
!rewind <time> Rewinds the current track by a given length of time.
!forward <time> In the current track, moves forward by a specific length of time.
!replay The current song’s progress is reset.
!loop Toggles the current playing song’s looping.
!voteskip Vote to stop playing the current song.
!forceskip  The current song is automatically skipped.
!pause  The current playing track is paused.
!resume Music that has been halted is resumed.
!lyrics  The lyrics of the currently playing song are returned.
!disconnect Disconnects the bot from the current voice channel.


Commands for the Rythm Bot Queue 

Commands for the Rythm Bot Queue are used to manage the songs that are currently playing or will be played that are present inside the queue. 

A list of all the Commands for the Rythm Bot Queue is mentioned below.

Commands Description
!queue  The first page of the queue is shown.
!loopqueue Toggles the whole queue’s looping.
!move <old position> <new position> This command assigns a certain song to a specific place in the queue.
!skipto <position> Skips to a certain place in the queue.
!shuffle The whole queue is shuffled.
!remove <numbers> Removes a specific queue element from the list.
!clear The whole queue is cleared.
!leavecleanup The songs of an absent user are removed from the queue.
!removedupes  Duplicate songs are removed from the queue.


Koodos Commands for the Rythm Bot 

Based on the facts accessible from, the Rythm Bot’s Koodos commands deliver the song of the day, week, month, and so on. 

You may get more information on kodoos commands here.

Commands Description
!sotd The song of the day is shown.
! playsotd  Start playing the song of the day.
!sotw  The songs of the week are displayed.
! playsotw  Add the songs of the week to your playlist.
!sotm  The songs of the month are shown.
!playsotm Add the songs of the month to your playlist.


Setting Commands for the Rythm Bot 

If you have administrator or manage server-level capabilities, you may use the Rythm bot settings commands.

Just type ‘!settings’ and a complete list of all settings that can be changed will appear. Now for more information type ‘!settings <Setting-Name> and command usage will appear.

You may also use the list below to quickly access all of the settings commands.

Commands Description
!settings Use the command format !settings <option> to view more info about an option.
#channels!settings blacklist  To make it impossible for Rythm to be utilized in specific text channels.
!autoplay playlist-link!settings To set up AutoPlay, use the command below to give a playlist.
! yes/no announcesongs settings To activate or disable song announcements, go to Settings > Song Announcements > Song Announcements
!settings maxqueuelength <10-10000> This restricts the number of songs in the queue at any one time.
yes/no!settings preventduplicates To activate or disable this option, click the toggle button.
!settings defaultvolume <1-200> To alter Rythm’s default loudness when he’s summoned to a voice channel
yes/no!settings djplaylists DJ only mode may be enabled or disabled.
@role!settings djrole to alter the DJ’s role
! Yes/no settings are always on. Always Playing mode may be enabled or disabled.
!reset settings If you wish to revert all settings to their defaults, click here.


Other Rythm Bot Commands 

Commands Description
!clean Deletes all messages and instructions sent by the bot.
!invite  Shows the official links for Rythm!
!info This page contains information on Rythm!
!shard  Examine the server shard in which your server is located.
!ping  Checks the bot’s Discord response time.
!aliases  This command displays a list of all command aliases.


I hope you enjoyed the Rythm Bot discord tutorial. In the comment area, you can share your thoughts on the story. If there is a particular element of the rhythm bot tutorial that you would like to see added in this post, please let us know in the comments. 

Some Outstanding Music Bots

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Octave Bot — The same people that operate the Dank Memer Bot also run Octave Bot (one of the largest discord bot). Originally, Dank Memer had a music element, but they eventually decided to split it out into a distinct music bot (octave bot).

The Mee6 Bot is a multi-purpose bot. It’s an excellent moderation bot that can also play music.

For a detailed comparison of features and advantages, see the list of Best music discord bots in 2021.

The “rythm bot alternative” is a discord chatbot that’s designed to help you find and download music. The commands list for the bot can be found in our guide.

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