How to Use Tatsu Bot Discord [ Tatsu Bot Commands Guide ]

The Tatsu Bot by Discord is a voice chat bot that allows you to customize your text-based communication with it. Topics such as Incoming, Outgoing, Ping and more can be changed for convenience in the configuration of this app.

The “tatsu bot dashboard” is a command that allows you to access your Tatsu Bot Discord account. The commands are listed on the sidebar of the website.

The Tatsu Bot is another another commonly used and loved discord bot that is largely focused on social features and makes your server interesting and engaging. The Tatsu bot is another masterpiece of code created by some of the best coders, and it is in high demand on Discord. In terms of its reach, the bot is well-known and well-respected, having expanded its influence over the majority of Discord servers. This is due to some of the bot’s most outstanding characteristics, the most notable of which is the bot’s service of giving incentive activities, which enables its members to gain XPs and level up depending on a unique criteria.

Other in-demand features include reputations gained by each server member, which are shown on each user’s profile, upvoting, which allows members to upvote other server members based on their activity, and conduct. Members may be graded based on their reputations and upvoting, making a server a better and more disciplined environment to perform and be in.

Credits and modifications are also included with the bot. Credits acting as the currency which the bot offers, the members can use it to perform purchases like different kinds of customizations and premium commands that can be unlocked as one earns a high amount of credits. Along with this, the bot’s success is mostly due to its improved and well-liked user-friendly interface. The bot enables users to totally personalize their UI to their liking. These changes might include anything from altering the way reputation is shown on the profile to changing the server’s backdrop and much more as you begin to form a connection with the bot. Add own welcome greetings, customize alerts, disregard other channels, and many more interesting features are all widely welcomed modifications.


Tatsu Bot has a built-in search capability as well as other capabilities.

The above-mentioned capabilities aren’t lacking, but the bot also provides much more in the form of voting, which allows users to vote and make judgments on a specific issue, establish straw polls, start lotteries, and determine winners by poll. Tatsu also includes one of the most popular features that any bot should have: the built-in search tool inside Discord, which displays the top results of searches from Google, YouTube, Urban Dictionary, Wikipedia, and other sources.

The bot also has event reminders, which send out messages so that you never miss an important virtual meeting on the server. With all of these characteristics, Tatsu is a bot worth testing that is both highly recommended and required for your servers. Not only does the bot promise to be the finest, but it also defines perfection in the best way possible. So, with all of these fantastic capabilities, the bot is well worth a try on your servers, and you will not be disappointed.  


Commands for the Tatsu Bot

Slash instructions are used by Tatsu bot.

/cast of the fishy throws a line in the hopes of catching some fish!
/fishy stockpile displays your current fishy inventory
/rarefish /fishy /rarefish /rarefish /rare Showcase your rarefish collection
/fishy rediscover A rare fish is redeemed/sold.
/fishy buy selling the fishy things you’ve got.
/statistics/ demonstrates your fishing stats
clean /pet interact It cleans up after your Tatsugotchi’s messes.
/feed engage with pets satisfies your pet’s hunger.
/pet communicate with each other and play Plays with your Tatsugotchi for a while.
/interact prestige /pet At the risk of resetting your pet’s level, you may increase its prestige. A level 50 pet is required.
/interact with pets/train If your Tatsugotchi pays attention, it will learn several tricks.
Visit /pet interact With both of your Tatsugotchi, show one of the other user’s chambers.
/walk interact with pets Take your Tatsugotchi on a stroll and see what you can discover.
/pet miscellaneous capsules Choose a Tatsugotchi capsule to open from the available options.
/pet miscellaneous carer Choose a caretaker from the available options to look after your Tatsugotchi.
/pet miscellaneous chart The drop rates of a Pet Capsule are listed below.
/pet miscellaneous edit opens a global edit menu for Tatsugotchi as a whole.
/pet miscellaneous nickname Give your Tatsugotchi a moniker.
/pet miscellaneous nursery View all of your Tatsugotchi’s statistics in one place.
/pet miscellaneous unwrap unwraps one of your Tatsugotchi that has been wrapped.
/shop To visit the event shop, expedition store, or global store, open the shop menu.


Tatsu Bot isn’t working for you?

The Invite Tracker Bot may have troubles from time to time, such as not responding or being unavailable. This might be due to a bot server being down for any reason; if this happens to you, go to the Invite Tracker Support Community Server for assistance.

Also, make sure you’ve given the Invite Tracker bot enough rights, which you can do in the settings page.

Tatsu is a Discord bot that will help you with many tasks. Tatsu Bot Commands Guide: This guide will show you how to use the commands of Tatsu Bot. Reference: tatsu commands not working.

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