How to Use Vexera Bot Discord [ Vexera Bot Commands ]

You can use Vexera Bot’s commands in the following ways. One way is to type a command within its channel and then enter the chat with your own text, for example typing /Bot help or /Help
The other option is to type @Vexera Bot commands followed by whatever you want it to do like if you wanted it say “Hi my name is Bob”

Vexera Bot is a Discord bot that allows users to interact with other people on the Discord server. The commands of Vexera Bot are listed below:

The Ultimate Guide to With Vexera Bot on Discord to play, add, and delete music from your voice channel using Vexera Bot Commands

The Vexera Bot enables discord users to contribute songs to the discord server’s music channel. The Vexera Bot allows you to do things like add music to a queue, add playlists from sites like YouTube or Spotify, and more, all with easy instructions. The Vexera Bot has several capabilities comparable to music players, as well as those that aren’t, such as pause, resume, play, queue, next, back, clear, jump, shuffle, and more, all of which can be done on your Discord server.


How can I install Vexera Bot on my server?

It’s easy to add the Vexera Bot to your account. Take the actions outlined below –

STEP 1: Go to Vexera Bot’s official website. You may either do a Google search for “Vexera Bot” or go straight to their official website, which is 

STEP 2: Go to Vexera Bot’s official website and look for the “add to Discord” option in the center of the page.

STEP 3: After clicking “Add to Discord,” you’ll be prompted to login in to your Discord account. You must pick the discord server to which you wish to add the Vexera Bot once you have registered in or are already logged in to the discord. 

STEP 4: After you’ve chosen the server to which you’d want to add the Vexera Bot, you’ll be prompted to provide permission access. It will be given administrator access by default; however, if you don’t want the bot to have total access to your server, you may untick the box. After that, click the Authorize button. 

The Vexera Bot has been added to your Discord server successfully!! The Vexera Bot logo will be shown on the right sidebar. 


List of all Vexera Bot Music Commands

+play – Starts playing a track. A wide variety of websites are supported.

Voteskips a track with +skip. Users who have the’music.forceskip’ permission may skip right away.

+lyrics — Retrieves lyrics for a track / the current track.

+pause – This command pauses the music.

+resume – Plays the song again.

+join – This command joins a voice channel.

+np – Displays the current playback state.

+queue – Displays the currently playing track queue.

+back – Returns to the previous track.

+clear – Removes all items from the queue.

+delete – Removes a music from the playlist.

+jump – Moves the cursor to a given position in the queue.

+leave – Disconnects from the voice channel.

+repeat – Plays a track again.

+search – A clever selection menu allows you to pick a tune to play.

+seek – Searches for a track location.

+shuffle – This command shuffles the queue.


Sites that are supported by the Vexera Bot

  1. YouTube
  2. SoundCloud
  3. Bandcamp
  4. Twitch
  5. Vimeo
  6. Mixer
  7. Playlists on Spotify


What’s the best way to get my Discord bot to work?

The Vexera Bot may have troubles from time to time, such as not responding or being unavailable. This might be the result of a total discord server outage; if this is the case, check the discord status page. 

Also, make sure you’ve given the Vexera Bot enough rights, which you can do in the settings page. 

If the Vexera Bot still doesn’t answer after following the instructions above, ensure sure you haven’t changed the default prefix for the Vexera Bot.


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