How to use Xenon discord bot [ Xenon bot Commands ]

The Xenon discord bot is a powerful tool that can help you to automate tasks in your server, streamline communication and improve your community. This article will teach you how to use the Xenon bot commands and get started with adding it into our servers today!.

Xenon is a Discord bot that allows you to do things like add and remove roles, change permissions, create events, and more. This guide will show you how to use the Xenon discord bot commands.

Xenon Bot is a Discord bot that can backup your server, create new servers from a template, and transfer messages (transferring messages is a premium feature). Your Discord servers, roles, channels, and server settings are all backed up by the Xenon bot. You can backup even more items with the premium edition of the Xenon Bot, such as messages and member data like nicknames and allocated responsibilities. Using the Xenon bot, you may effortlessly clone servers or restore a server to a prior backup. This bot also has a template part that you may use to put it onto existing servers or construct new ones. You may also instruct the Xenon bot to generate backups of your server on a regular basis. Every time this occurs, the old backup is replaced with a fresh one. You’ll need to utilize Xenon premium if you wish to maintain past backups as well.


How can you integrate Xenon Bot into your Discord server?

It’s quite simple to add the Xenon bot to any Discord server. Simply follow the instructions below:

STEP 1: First, go to the Xenon bot’s official website. You can either look it up on Google or go straight to 

STEP 2: After visiting the official website, click on the “Invite” option. 


STEP 3: After clicking the button, you will be routed to Discord and prompted to connect to your account. You will be prompted to pick the server to which you wish to add the Xenon bot after signing in or if you are already signed in.


STEP 4: After you’ve chosen a server, click CONTINUE. After that, you’ll be prompted to provide the Xenon bot the rights it need on your server. The Xenon bot is a very basic bot that simply requires the Administrator permission to function. After reviewing these permissions, click AUTHORIZE.


The Xenon bot has now been added to your server successfully. You may now begin making backups and loading server templates, among other things. 


Commands for the Xenon Bot

The Xenon bot’s default prefix, ‘x!’, is no longer in use. Instead, the Xenon bot now only responds to slash instructions. However, slash commands are not yet enabled on Xenon premium, therefore you must still use ‘x?’ as the prefix for premium commands. 


Important Instructions

Command Description
/create a backup Make a copy of your data.
/loadbackup Load a backup that was already generated.
/list of backups Make a list of all your backups.
/interval of backup Manage backups that are performed automatically.
load /template Select a template from the Xenon templates library.


General Orders

Command Description
/logs/audit/audit/audit/audit/ Get a list of the most recent activities performed on this server.
/interval of backup show This command displays the current backup interval for this server.
/interval of backup on For this server, enable your backup interval.
/interval of backup off For this server, disable the backup interval.
/cancelbackup Cancel the loading process that is currently occurring on this server.
/status of backup Get the status of the loading process that is presently active.
/information-backup Get information about a backup that was previously generated.
/deletebackup Delete a backup that was already generated.
/purge-backups Delete all of your backups (or part of them).
/channel clone Create a channel clone that includes permission overwrites.
/role clone Create a role clone with channel permission overwrites if desired.
/copy Create a copy of a server without making a backup.
/error Display details about a command error.
/invite Inviting the Xenon bot to your server is a good idea.
/leave Remove the bot from the server.


What is the best way to utilize Xenon Bot?

After you’ve successfully connected the Xenon bot to your server, you may start utilizing the Slash Commands, which is the most recent feature of the Xenon bot. You can examine the numerous commands and features available with the Xenon bot along with a brief explanation by entering ‘/’ in any channel of your server and then choosing the Xenon tab. 


If you don’t see these commands then, go to user settings, navigate to Text & Images tab and near the bottom you will find the following setting – Use slash commands and preview emojis, mentions, and markdown syntax as you type and make sure that this setting is turned on. 

Make sure the Xenon role that came with the bot is at the top of the list as well. To do so, go to server settings, Roles, and choose Xenon bot, then drag it to the top of the list or as high as you can.


How do you build a server backup?

To create a backup for your server, go to any channel on your server and type the following command – /Make a copy of your data. This will create a backup of your server and return the unique id of the backup. This id can be used to check info and point to the backup that was just created.


To check info of the backup created, simply copy the unique id that was returned and then type – /information-backup backup_id: <UNIQUE_ID>. Paste the unique id in this command and press enter. This will return all the details of your server for which the backup was created including a list of channels and a list of all the roles. 


How can I load a backup from another server onto a new server?

In order to load a backup from another server onto a new server, we have to follow a very simple set of commands. First create a backup of the server you want to copy. Then copy the unique id that gets returned after creating a backup. Go to any channel on the new server and type the command – /loadbackup backup_id: <UNIQUE_ID>. Paste the unique id in this command and press enter. Accept any risks and changes that you get prompted with. After this, the Xenon bot will start loading the backup onto the new server. It will take about 2-3 minutes after which the process will be complete and your new server will look exactly like the old server. 

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