How to Use YAGPDB bot discord [YAGPDB bot commands GUIDE]

YAGPDB is a Discord server for the podcast YAPFP which was originally created as an idea by Kyle, but then taken over by me. This guide will teach you how to use YAPFPbot commands on discord and what they do! If you need help with anything else, feel free to join our community at

YAGPDB is a bot that allows players to interact with each other on the Discord platform. The bot has many commands and this guide will help you use them.

YAGPDB (Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot) is a fantastic multifunctional bot with a range of important features that assist a server administrator in server management. 

The YAGPDB is presently installed on over 2,000,000 discord servers, and as the popularity of the discord grows, so does the need for this versatile bot.

The bot may be used for a number of reasons, including keeping spammers and other unwanted visitors away from your discord server, as well as managing your community by enforcing automatic rules that players must follow.

Also, since the YAGDBP has been around for a long time, it has a wonderful support community and documentation where you can obtain whatever information you need about the bot. 


Features of the YAGPDB Bot

The YAGPDB bot has a number of capabilities that assist the owner of a discord server in managing their server. The YAGPDB has the following features:


In only a few minutes, the YAGPDB bot can quickly acquire Reddit and Youtube feeds. So you can quickly get the feeds on your server anytime anything changes on YouTube or Reddit. This feature is very useful for content producers who want their video to be accessible on the discord server as soon as they submit it on YouTube. 

Feature of Messaging

The YAGPDB bot allows the discord server owner to show messages to users when they enter or depart a certain channel inside their server. You may also utilize the YAGPDB bot to send users messages when they join the discord server, such as a welcome message, and assign them a reaction role that will allow them to view the remainder of the channel. 

Role that may be assigned by the user

One of the most popular aspects of the discord bot is the self-assignable. The self-assignable role may either be granted by the discord owner or assigned via the roll menu. It may be assigned to one or more roles at the same time. Roles may also be assigned by pinning them in certain messages. The self-assignable role may carry out more complex customizations, such as needing a role in order to get another position. The roles that may be self-assigned can be grouped and arranged.


The moderating options assist the discord owner in creating a fantastic community where members desire to share, learn, and participate. The YAGPDB provides many moderating tools to the server owner, such as the ability to kick or ban a user from the server, which may be timed to be temporary or permanent. It keeps track of warnings, kicks, and bans as well. This report may be viewed on the YAGPDB bot’s dashboard. It may also send messages to users informing them of their ban and keep track of their messages and warnings. There is also an automatic moderating function, where the server owner may define their own rules, and users can be auto regulated by the bot based on their violation of the rules. 

Cat Facts

The YAGPDB bot includes over 250 distinct cat facts, which is one of its most intriguing characteristics. You may just type “-cat fact” and it will provide you with a fun cat fact over time. 


How to integrate the YAGDPB bot into your Discord server

With only a few clicks, you may add the YAGPDB bot to your Discord server. To add the YAGPDB bot to the discord server, just follow the instructions outlined below — 

STEP 1: To add the discord bot to your server, you must first invite the bot to it. To continue with adding the bot to the server, go to the YAGPDB’s official website and click on “Add to server” in the top right corner. I’ve included the YAGPDB bot’s invite URL below for your convenience. 

STEP 2: You’ll now be sent to a screen where you’ll be asked to choose a discord server. Choose the discord server you want the YAGPDB bot to join.

STEP 3: After you’ve chosen the server to which you want to add the discord bot, you’ll be sent to an authorization screen where you may give the bot rights. Because the permission also includes admin rights for the discord bot, think carefully about which permissions you want the bots to have. 

STEP 4: On the website, click the “Authorize” button, and the bot will connect to your Discord server. 

You’ve now successfully installed the YAGPDB bot on your Discord server!!

You may also join the YAGPDB bot’s discord community if you’re having trouble. The community may assist you in resolving your issue, as well as provide you with numerous insights on the operation of the YAGPDB bot. You may simply join the community by going to the YAGPDB bot’s official website or by clicking the link below. 


Bot Commands in the YAGPDB 

The YAGPDB bot has a large number of commands, and since it is a general-purpose bot, it offers a wide range of functions. 

General Orders

Help command (commands/h/how/command) – Displays information about all or a single command.

Info Command – Returns information about the bot.

Tools & Utilities Command

Calc (c/calculate): This command performs a variety of calculations.

CurrentTime (ctime/gettime): Displays the current time in various timezones. Timezones that are available

CustomCommands (cc): Displays or displays all custom commands defined by id or trigger.

The YAGPDB bot has a lot of commands, which you can access on its documentation page:

YAGPDB bot discord is a Discord server that was created for the purpose of providing a place for people to discuss and share their love for YAGP DB. The YAGPDB bot commands are used to provide a way to communicate with the bot. Reference: how to use for roles.

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