How to Use Zerotwo Bot Discord [ Zero Two Bot Commands Guide ]

A Discord bot for your server with many features such as: commands, chat moderation and more.

Bots that offer services specific to a specialization have been found in the Discord community. Even if these bots are experts in their field and therefore give the greatest service in their field, things might have been a lot easier and more simple for a customer if a single bot could provide many and wonderful functions. Now, whether establishing a discord bot specialized to a certain topic or for numerous niches is advantageous cannot be debated. Because there are numerous bots that are primarily focused on offering high-quality services in a certain industry. However, in the viewpoint of a server administrator or user, these bots that perform many services are much more significant and beneficial. Thus, we will explore one such multi-functional bot in this article, which has a variety of intriguing features to keep its users engaged throughout.

“ZeroTwo” is the name of the bot we’re talking about here. The zerotwo bots are the product of creators’ unique thought and effort, which has resulted in a bot that is both practical and entertaining. The zerotwo bot isn’t a new one, and because to its exceptional performance on Discord, it has earned a spot in the most popular communities, with about 1.21 million servers and fast growing as we speak. The bot provides a variety of activities that are both entertaining and authentic. Let’s go right into the main things that the bot has to offer its customers and how they may make the most of their time with the aid of this magnificent work of art.


How to Invite or Add Zerotwo Bot to Your Server


Using the invite link: Invite, you may add the Zerotwo bot to your server. Follow the instructions below to correctly add and set up the Zerotwo Bot.

How-to-Use-Chip-Bot-Discord-Chip-Music-BotSTEP 1: Select the Invite Button from the menu above.

STEP 2: Choose the server to which the Zerotwo bot will be added.


STEP 3: Give the Zerotwo bot the rights it needs to function correctly.


STEP 4: Complete the Captcha puzzle.

STEP 5: Return to the Discord server where the Zerotwo bot was added.


You’ve added the Zerotwo bot to your Discord server successfully!!

Also, I’ll recommend that you join the Zerotwo Bot Support Server community group so that if you have any problems with the bot, you may seek for assistance there.


Discord Features of Zero Two Bot

To begin, one of the most adaptable characteristics of the zerotwo bot is that the first sentence presented when you enter the bot website is that you will be voted 5000 credit and random cards for card games. Well, this is the bot’s most appealing feature, and it’s also one of the most important voting features: the bot provides credits for voting. The zerotwo bots are well-known for their addicting card games of many varieties.

Role management and profile customisation are also available via the bot. In addition, you have the option of using prefixes of your own.

When it comes to games, the bot provides a variety of card games with distinctive notions.

It also has a music player that can play music straight from YouTube through a link or by searching manually.

Despite having so many features, the bot still has roleplaying capabilities, such as hugging, cuddling, kissing, and so on.

Another great feature of the bot is that it includes some of the most recent memes. These memes are also a big part of why these bots are so popular.

As a result, the bot has a lot of information for its users; all they have to do now is go through it all. In terms of suggestions, the bot is highly recommended for anyone looking to pass the time. With this wonderful bot, you’ll be entertained for the duration. 


How can I utilize Zero Two Bot’s dashboard and commands?


The ZeroTwo bot is a popular bot with unique features such as a personalised profile, music, and economics. Card games, auto roles, online dashboards, and other features are included. It’s also a fantastic alternative to bots like mee6, groovy, and response roles on Discord. ‘zt!’ is the prefix for the zerotwo bot. So, first, enter “zt!Commands all” to display all of the zerotwo bot’s commands and categories. As you can see, there are a lot of different commands organized into various categories. 


The first thing to do is go to the dashboard and play about with it. Type “zt!serversettings” to do so. A new message will appear with a link that will take you to a new page in your browser when you click it. A new page will appear when you click on Bot Dashboard. This is the online dashboard where you can manage and update configurations for the zerotwo bot as well as other discord server settings. You may now go to the settings tab in the navigation bar to access a variety of options. The default prefix may be changed to anything you wish. You may also alter the zerotwo bot’s welcome to your liking. Any member of the discord server may be moderated and their permissions changed. If someone breaks your server’s rules, you may mute, warn, reprimand, and ban them. The muted role and the logging channel may both be configured on the moderation page. You may build a separate and dedicated channel for the logs. You may also customize a variety of additional features, such as custom commands and greetings. Greetings are used when someone joins your server and receives an embed or a message of some kind. So you can create a personalized welcome and a channel where it will appear when someone joins your Discord server. Overall, if you want a feature-rich bot to regulate your server and make it more entertaining to be in, the online dashboard is a nice addition.


Apart from moderating, the ZeroTwo bot offers a lot of additional functions. The bot includes a variety of games, such as Minesweeper and dice games, that server members may play to pass the time. The ZeroTwo bot may also be used to search the internet for GIFs of any character, as well as avatars and profile images for whatever the user wants. Users may have fun by playing the shipping game and listening to varied music to brighten up their conversations with other members. Overall, the ZeroTwo bot is a well-rounded bot with a wide range of capabilities. So having it on your server can be a lot of fun, and the bot also comes with a number of features that can help make your server a lot more exciting and alive while still being extremely simple to maintain.

How can I use Zero Two Bot Commands to play music?

Zero Two’s VIP members are the only ones who get access to music. The support for Youtube Query and Songs is the finest feature of premium.


To access the music option, go to the Zero Store and look up the cost for Zero Two premium.


I recommend discord music bots if you want to play music on your server but don’t want to pay money on zerotwo premium. Hydra Bot is one of the greatest bots for free music playback on your Discord server.

If you have premium access to Zero Two Bot and wish to learn how to perform music, follow the instructions below.

Join a Voice Channel — First and foremost, join a voice channel or establish one if you don’t already have one. Only the zerotwo bot will be allowed to play music after you’ve joined the voice channel. To join the same voice channel after joining the voice channel, use the following command in any text channel for zero two.

Play Command — With the “-play” command, you can play any music on the voice channel. For example, if you write “zt! Despacito is a great song to play.” into the voice channel, the bot will automatically begin playing the Despacito music while you are within the voice channel, stop the song when you quit the channel, and continue when you return. 

zt! Despacito is a great song to play.

You have the option of playing the music by name or by using the link. For instance, you may enter “zt!play link” and then replace the link with a playlist URL from YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, or another service. 


Queue Command – You can queue the songs by adding them one after another with the “play” command. For example, if you write commands “zt! Despacito is a great song to play.” and then “zt!play timber” then Despacito will start to play on the voice channel and timber will be put onto the queue as the next song to be played. You can easily see the songs which are currently playing and which songs are in queue with the “zt!queue” command. 

current track -queue 1) Luis Fonsi – Despacito feat. 4:28 left Daddy Yank… current track 2) Pitbull – Timber ft. Ke$ha 3:35 You’ve reached the end of the line!

There are several zero two music instructions to investigate.

zt! zt, join ([channel])! zt! radio play ([URL]) zt, take a break! omit zt! zt is currently being played! zt queue! zt! volume ([volume]) zt shuffle zt shuffle zt shuffle zt Zt should be restarted! zt, repeat! repeatqueue zt zt zt zt zt zt Stop the zt! Zt must be unlocked! zt zt zt zt zt zt zt bassboost! zt speed! zt pitch! seek


[Comandos Zero Two] a collection of all Zero Two bot commands

The zero two bot’s default prefix is zt!. Make careful to include zt! in each command.

zt! hugs, zt! hugs, zt! hugs, z

Both commands will function properly. Use the terms from the list below, which are typically self-explanatory, in front of the prefix.

If you’re having trouble utilizing the Zerotwo bot instructions, you may also utilize Zerotwo bot directly from the Zerotwo website’s dashboard.

If you’d want a lesson on how to use zerotwo from the dashboard, please leave a remark. I’ll make one as soon as possible.



Zero Two Commands for Assistance

Commands Description
[cmd] zt!help Displays a list of all commands.
zt!support I’ll send you a direct message with the connection to the help server.
zt!privacy Privacy is a must.
zt!Commands Make a list of every command.


Commands for Zero Two Settings

Commands  Description
zt!prefix This section contains a list of your prefixes.

To alter them, take these steps:

prefix add <prefix>:

Adds the prefix you want.

prefix remove <prefix>:

The desired prefix is removed.

[prefix] zt!serverprefix Set the prefix for the server.
zt!autorole Set up automatic roles
zt!levelsetting Set the volume level
zt!welcomemessage Set a greeting message
zt!welcomeimage Create a welcoming picture.
zt!serversettings The URL to the settings-website is shown.
zt!antifish Anti-fishing order


Commands for Zero Two Games

Commands Description
zt!daily Obtains your daily prize
zt!spin Spin the wheel of fortune for a chance to win some cash!

There is a 5-minute cooling period. After the third usage each day, you must vote.

zt!flip [amount] [head/tail] If you’re fortunate, you’ll get double your stake if you flip a coin.
[Money] zt!ddice If your three dice roll is higher than the bot’s, you will be rewarded.
[r/p/s] zt!rps Play Rock-Paper-Scissors with the computer.
[info/buy] zt!lottery Shows how the lottery may assist you.
zt! minesweeper Play a game of minesweeper with your friends. CHEATING IS NOT ALLOWED!
[help] zt!card The Card Game of Darling-In-The-FranXX.

card buy:

With this command, you may purchase one or more cards.

[cardid] sell a card:

The card(s) with the supplied ids may be sold.

IDs can be formatted in the following way:

All cards from 1 to 10 1 to ten

1–5–7–10 All cards numbered 1 to 5 and numbered 7 to 10

1-2-5-6 The numbers 1, 2, 5, and 6 are on the cards.

list of cards:

Your cards and their stats are listed here, ordered by rarity and stat value.

[cardid] card show:

Displays a picture of the selected card.

[cardId]: [user] [cardId]: [user] [cardId]: [user] [card

Defeat another user’s card.

[user] [cardid]: card transfer

Transfers a card to a different user.

[help] zt!cardmarket You may sell cards to other players in the card market. Below is a list of commands.

[page] cardmarket list

The available cards are listed. The page parameter is not required.

To show your current listed cards, use own as a page-parameter.

cardmarket buy <id>

Purchases a card from the marketplace. In the cardmarket list command, the id is the number that appears before the card.

cardmarket sell <id> <price>

Creates a market listing for a card. In the card list command, the id is the number that appears before the card.

cardmarket cancel <id>

One of your currently listed cards is cancelled. In the cardmarket list own command, the id is the number preceding the card.

zt!work Work command in the game
zt!watch order to watch the game


Two Commands for Role Management

Commands Description
zt!listroles The role-management returns a list of all available roles.
zt!iam [role/role/role/role/role/role/role/role/role/rol Assign roles to yourself using the role-management system.
zt!iamnot [role/roleid] UnAssign roles to yourself using the role-management system.
zt! delrole adrole adrole adrole a Roles may be added and removed.
zt!temprole <role> <user> <duration> Assign users to roles.
zt!reactionroles You may use reaction-roles to generate a message on a specific channel to which people can respond. You may assign specific roles to people based on their emotes.

To begin, create a channel through which the message will be broadcast. After that, compose the message’s content.

After that, ZeroTwo will prompt you for a role name; you may now choose amongst role – emote pairs until you write complete or cancel.


Commands for Zero Two Profile Settings

Commands Description
level zt!profile  
[m/f/reset] zt!gender It transforms your gender. M stands for Male and F stands for Female.
[Description] zt!desc Changes your profile’s Description.
zt!cash ([account]) Displays your current account balance.
[user] zt!transfer [amount] Send money to another user.
[en/de] zt!language The language of the communications is changed.

If you wish to help translate the bot, go to on the homepage.

[timezone] zt!timezone Displays a link to a website where you may change your timezone.
[User] zt!marry Get married to a user. This command has a 24-hour cooldown period.
[User] zt!acceptmarriage Accepts a user’s marriage proposal.
zt!divorce Separates you from your spouse.
zt!marriage Accepts a user’s marriage proposal.
[Date] zt!birthday The bot will wait for your next message when you type the birthday command. Your next message should include your birthday, formatted as instructed in the message.
zt!backgrounds Allows you to change the backdrop of your profile.
zt!bank Displays the current balance in your bank account.


Two Commands at Random

Commands Description
zt!zerotwo Shows some interesting zerotwo-gifs.
[Topic] zt!gif Looks up a phrase on Giphy.
[User] zt!ship You’ll be paired with another user.
zt!avatar zt!avatar zt!avatar ([User]) Displays your or a specific user’s avatar.
vote for zt!premium Command to vote
zt!remindme Remind others about the event
zt!redeem To obtain a prize, enter a specific code.
[amount] zt!creditbomb Places a creditbomb, which distributes the amount put among all online users in the channel at random.
zt! ranking Shows the current top users for a specified ranking. Type zt! ranking to see the categories.
zt!invite Invites the bot to your server by posting a link.
zt!info Posts zerotwo’s general statistics.
zt!ping Posts zerotwo’s general statistics.
[snowflake] zt!snowflake Displays some data to the discord snowflake (devtools)
zt!votereminder Voting reminder
zt!game Displays some details about the game you’re searching for.
zt!say Allows you to speak to a specific channel.

zt! zt! or say I’m the message! I’m the message, say #channel

zt!bonk Sends a gif in which you bang someone.

Args that are optional:

1st: the user (default: self)

Second, there is a pause (default: 1000, min: 15, max: 1500)

[user] [delay] zt!bonk

zt!shop command to go shopping


Music Commands No. 2

Commands Description
zt!join zt!join zt!join ([channel]) Allow ZeroTwo to become a member of your voicechannel.
play zt!radio ([URL]) Play the URL that was pasted
zt!pause The music in the voicechannel is paused.
zt!skip Remove the current song from the playlist
zt!nowplaying The current song in the voicechannel is shown.
zt!queue Look at the line.
volume zt ([volume]) Changes the volume of the song from 1 to 150. (above 100 only for administrators)
zt!shuffle The playlist is shuffled.
zt!restart The current or previous song is restarted.
zt!repeat Repeats a song or playlist.
zt! repeatqueue Loop the queue
zt!stop The music is turned off and the queue is reset.
zt!unlock The bot is unlocked (only available for admins)
zt!nightcore Nightcore is a kind of music that is popular at night
zt! bassboost Mode: Bassboost
zt!speed Increase or decrease the speed
zt!pitch Pitch may be changed.
zt!seek Attempts to locate the current track. You may make use of zt! Look for 30s or zt! Use zt! or seek 00:30 to find 00:30. seek -30s to go back 30 seconds, zt to go in the other way! Instead, look for +30s.


Zero Two Commands for Moderation

Commands Description
@user zt!unban Remove the user’s ban.
@user zt!ban The user has been banned.
@user zt!kick The user is ejected.
@user zt!mute The user will be muted.
@user zt!unmute UnThe user will be muted.
@user zt!warn Give the user a warning
@user zt!punish The user should be punished.
zt!modreasons Reasons for change
zt!removecase Take out the case.


Zero Two Commands for Roleplaying

These commands are self-explanatory; they produce animated gifs based on the keyword.

You have the option of writing the command or mentioning the user.

Zt!hug Zt! @zerotwo embrace



zt! zt bite! clap zt clap zt clap zt clap zt, weep! zt zt zt zt zt zt zt dance! zt! facepalm! zt glare zt glare zt glare zt Greetings, Zt! zt, a big thumbs up! Zt, give me a hug! Zt, kisses! zt, make me chuckle! zt lick zt lick zt lick zt zt pat! zt poke! zt zt zt zt zt zt zt punch! zt zt zt zt zt zt zt, run! zt, you’re so sad! zt, shot! zt zt zt zt zt zt zt shy! zt slap zt slap zt slap zt zt, smile! Look at zt! zt stomp! das zt! zt wiggle zt wiggle zt wiggle zt wag


Zero Two Commands for Chat Management

[user] zt!chatclear [amount]

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