How to Use Zira Bot Discord [ Zira Bot Commands Guide ]

Zira Bot is a Discord bot that offers the ability to use commands, access information about your server and find other people. This article will teach you how to get started with Zira Bot in just minutes!

Zira Bot Discord is a bot that allows users to create roles and assign them to other members of the server. This guide will provide an overview of the commands used in Zira Bot Discord.

Zira Bot is a Discord bot that plays the function of a response bot. Users may assign positions to themselves by responding to messages with emojis/emotes. 

Zira is one of the most effective response role bots available. In comparison to many other response role bots, it is quite configurable. It is quite simple to use. It offers much more customization than other bots, using just a few keystrokes to do rather sophisticated and customized configurations. Zira Bot is ideal for server owners or administrators that want more than a simple bot that spams your DMs for every role you reply to.  



It’s simple to add the Zira bot to your Discord server. It simply takes a few mouse clicks to complete.

STEP 1: Begin by visiting the Zira Bot’s official website. You may either do a Google search for “Zira bot” or go straight to their official website, which is

STEP 2: The Zira bot’s official webpage looks like this.


To add to the server, click the blue “Add To Server” button. This will take you to Discord, where you may install the Zira bot on your server.

STEP 3: Discord will open once you click the “Add To Server” button, and you will be prompted to sign in using your Discord account. You will be prompted to pick the discord server to which you wish to add the Zira bot when you login in or are already logged in to discord. 

STEP 4: You will be prompted for permission access after selecting the server to which you want to add the Zira bot. 


It will be given administrator access by default; if you don’t want the bot to have total access to your server, untick the box. Then, to finish the process of adding the Zira bot to your chosen server, click the Authorize button.

The following message will appear in your #general chat-room, verifying that the Zira bot has been installed to your server.


The Zira bot has been added to your Discord server successfully!! On the right sidebar, you’ll also notice the Zira bot confirmation message.



The instructions in Discord are only performed once they have been prefixed with the ‘z/’ prefix. To delete a user’s role from the currently chosen message, for example, we write:

@UserName: z/remove:rabbit



normal – used to assign normal duties to the active message presently chosen.

once – utilized to add a one-time response role to the active message you’re presently viewing.

delete – adds a response role to the currently chosen active message that removes a user’s role.

toggle – adds a toggled role to the active message that is presently chosen.

timed – assigns a role to a user for a defined period of time after they join the service.

delete – deletes a message’s response roles.

All response roles from a single message will be deleted if you use the delete all command.

autorole – when a person or a bot joins the guild, it will automatically assign roles to them without the need to respond.

list – displays all of your guild’s current response roles.

voice – automatically assigns responsibilities to individuals depending on their presence in a voice channel.

dm — Allows people to get a direct message anytime they respond to a response role.



log — Sets a logging channel for Zira response roles for server owners.

Zira may send join messages to a specific channel using the join command.

leave — Zira may send leave messages to a specific channel using this command.



proposal – utilized to create a Zira recommendation system.

Users may make recommendations to the suggestion system using the propose button.

approve – used to approve a recommendation and transfer it to the approved suggestion channel if it is setup.

deny – this command is used to reject a suggestion and, if enabled, send it to the refused suggestion channel.

maybe – used to perhaps approve a request and transfer it to the prospective suggestion channel if set.

invalid — marks a proposal as spam or invalid, and if configured, sends it to the invalid suggestion channel.



config — gives a variety of configuration instructions to users.

Users may build private voice channels using rooms.

Colors are utilized to create eight different color roles in your guild.



After successfully inviting the Zira bot to the server, setting up response roles in Discord is a breeze. To create new response roles for your server, follow the procedures below:

  • The first step is to see whether the Zira bot has been added successfully and is responding to instructions appropriately; if it hasn’t, go to the troubleshooting tutorial below.
  • Now, right-click on your server and choose Server Settings from the drop-down menu. 


  • To add new roles, go to the roles section. To create a new role, click the blue ‘CREATE ROLE’ button. 
  • You may change the role names and colors to suit your preferences. I’ve generated three dummy roles to serve as an example: 


  • Return to your server now. Before we can assign these responsibilities to emojis, we must first build a new text channel in our server that will include all of the specified roles as well as their emojis. I’ve built a new text channel called ‘assigned-roles’ here.
  • Now you may go to any of your text channels to set up the bots, however it is advised that you establish a new text channel for this. For the time being, I’ll utilize an existing text channel for this. 
  • Press enter after typing ‘z/channel’ (the prefix ‘z/’ is the default for the Zira bot; if you have changed it, use it instead). Zira will send you a message instructing you to indicate the channel you want to utilize. Fill in the name of the channel where you’ll be saving the assigned roles. In this scenario, I’ll type ‘#assigned-roles’ and hit enter, which will result in a message indicating that the active channel has been successfully configured. This channel will now be utilized for role assignment.


  • We write ‘z/message’ and click enter to assign emojis to the roles, following which Zira will ask for the message ID. “ROLE NAME –:EMOJI NAME:” is the format for inputting the message ID (exclude the double quotes). In my situation, I’ll add “Dog –:dog:” to my Dog job to include the dog emoji. To accomplish the same effect, just replace the ‘:EMOJI NAME:’ section with the actual emoji. 


  • To view all of the assigned roles, go to the “#assigned-roles” channel (or whatever name you gave it).


  •  The emojis must now be added to the roles as the last stage. Return to the previous text channel and press enter to write “z/add:EMOJI NAME: @ROLE NAME.” “z/add:dog: @Dog,” for example.


  •  You can see that you may respond with the dog emoji on the preceding message if you go to the “#assigned-roles” channel. The Dog role will be awarded to any server member who responds to the message with a dog emoji. When you click on a person in the members panel, you can see their allocated role.





There is just one technique to get rid of the zira bot on your server–:

  1. You can kick the zira bot off of the server by right-clicking on the zira bot icon in the right sidebar and selecting ‘Kick Zira.’
  2. Right-click on the zira bot on the right sidebar and pick the ‘Ban Zira’ option from the menu if you wish to delete the zira bot so that no one else may add it to the server.



The Zira Bot may sometimes have faults, such as not responding to orders or being unavailable. If you come into an issue with the bot, you may need to take the necessary procedures to debug it.

  • The Zira Bot is ignoring any orders – This might be occuring because Zira lacks the necessary permissions. In order to read messages and reply accordingly, Zira bot requires the Read Messages, Read Message History, Send Messages, and Embed Links permissions.
  • Adding reactions to a message by Zira is not possible – It’s conceivable that you neglected to change the channel or send a message, or both. Set the channel where the message will be reacted using the ‘z/channel’ command. Then, on said channel, use the ‘z/message’ command to set the relevant message.
  • When you get an error notice, “Please create a channel and send a message before doing this command.” – When you don’t have a channel or message configured, this error message appears. To do so, use the ‘z/channel’ command to create a channel and the ‘z/message’ command to create a message, following which you may set up the roles.
  • Even if the channel and message are established, the Zira Bot is not operating — Zira needs certain extra permissions in the channel the message is in, such as Read Messages, Read Message History, and Add Reactions. To utilize any external emojis, Zira must also have the permission Use External Emojis.
  • Even though Zira Bot has all of the necessary rights, it is unable to utilize a certain emoji — If you want to utilize any external emojis, the Zira Bot must be installed on the server where the emoji is coming from.
  • Zira Bot is responding to messages but not assigning any roles — For this to function, the zira bot must first have the Manage Roles permission. Furthermore, the Zira’s greatest role must be greater than the one it is attempting to give.
  • Zira’s responses aren’t keeping in order — This isn’t a Zira Bot issue, but rather a Discord issue with the sequence of the messages.
  • Attempting to delete reactions fails – Zira will delete a reaction if the channel has the Manage Messages access and the reaction fits the following criteria:

Although the response is attached to an active message, it is not allocated to a role. or One of the following is the kind of matching role: If any responses remain after Toggle Remove, you’ll have to manually clear them up.

If the Zira Bot still doesn’t answer after following the instructions above, ensure sure you haven’t changed the default prefix for the Zira Bot.

Zira Bot is a Discord bot that allows you to do much more than just chat. With the “zira bot prefix” command, you can search for commands and get help with them.

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