Hulu Live TV Adds NFL Network & $9.99 Sports Add

Hulu shares with us how the new TV service will make it cheaper to watch sports, as well as their plans for future partnerships. In addition, Hulu addresses whether or not they’ll be expanding into crypto and what they have planned in terms of streaming movies and television shows.

Hulu has added the NFL Network to their lineup. The network will be available for $9.99 per month, which is about the same price as other networks like ESPN and Fox Sports 1.

Hulu Live TV Adds NFL Network & $9.99 Sports Add

NFL Network has been introduced to Hulu Live TV’s channel list for free, as well as a new sports add-on that may be added to the current base plan for an extra monthly fee. The latest additions are in line with other live TV streaming providers’ efforts to broaden their sports programming and availability.


The standard plan for Hulu Live TV has seen a few of price hikes over the years, and it now costs $64.99 per month. Simultaneously, the channel lineup has changed, with some stations being added and others being withdrawn. The most recent modification introduces a new channel with no indication that the price would rise very near.

NFL Network has officially been added to Hulu’s standard membership plan at no extra charge, just in time for the start of the 2021 football season. Subscribers will now have an extra choice for live sports streaming with the arrival of NFL Network. There’s also the new Sports add-on to consider if you require even more sports coverage.


Along with NFL Network, Hulu has launched a new Sports add-on that gives members access to six more channels, including NFL Redzone, allowing them to watch more live sports games, events, and original programming. This channel pack costs $9.99 per month in addition to the standard plan pricing and includes the following sports channels for subscribers:

  • RedZone is a division of the National Football League.
  • Outdoor Television Network
  • Sportsman Channel is a channel dedicated to athletes.
  • TVG
  • TVG2

The addition of NFL Network and the new Sports add-on is not entirely unexpected, given that competitor providers have lately made similar moves. Both YouTube TV and fuboTV, for example, now have a Sports Plus add-on that adds a number of extra sports channels, at prices comparable to Hulu’s new option. YouTube TV, like Hulu, introduced NFL Network to its basic plan at no extra cost to customers at the same time that it launched its Sports Plus add-on.

For the record, this is not Hulu’s sole add-on. While the service only offers one basic live TV package, members may upgrade to an Entertainment add-on for $7.99 per month, which extends the number of entertainment channels available. Along with entertainment, Hulu Live TV users can now choose between getting additional sports channels or only watching the NFL Network.

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The “nfl network on amazon prime” is a new addition to the Hulu Live TV service. The NFL Network is now available with a $9.99 Sports add-on. This will allow users to watch live sports events, such as the NFL and NCAA football games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Hulu live add NFL Network?

A: No. Hulu does not have an NFL Network channel as of now because the company refuses to pay for it and wants free access, which is one reason why there are so many ads on their service

What Hulu package has NFL Network?

A: Hulu Live TV is the only package that includes NFL Network. The other packages do not include it and you would need to purchase an add-on in order to get it.

When did Hulu live add NFL Network?

A: On December 21, 2018.

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