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JCTC Blackboard is the main portal for all students and administration to access campus resources. Students use it to log into their classes, do assignments, review homework and more using a web browser or mobile app. To enhance user experience on the system, Jctc Technologies partnered with e-commerce powerhouse Shopify in 2017 to make student life easier by streamlining merchants’ online ordering process on Blackboard’s platform.

The “jctc login” is a website that allows users to sign up for their Blackboard account. It can also be used to reset your password.

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https://jefferson.kctcs.edu/current-students/ Jctc-Blackboard-raquo A lot is happening at JCTC. This is your … MyPath. From Email to Office 365, from Blackboard to Student Self-Service, you’ll use the Single Sign On in MyPath.


You will utilize the Single Sign On in MyPath to access everything from Email to Office 365, from Blackboard to Student Self-Service, all from one place. How can I access MyPath?


Access Blackboard. You’ll need to log in to Blackboard, our online learning platform, for many of our courses. You may see a list of available browsers in the table below.


Do I understand how to use Blackboard to submit my assignments? How can I contact my teacher online during business hours? Have I spoken to my professors if I…


Jefferson Community & Technical College is one of the 16 colleges working to bring better lives to all Kentuckians as a part of KCTCS. Jefferson currently has six …


The online course administration system utilized at KCTCS is called Blackboard (Bb). Blackboard is just used by some instructors to store course materials, while others…


Our learning management system, Blackboard, is used by teachers to distribute material and collect assignments as well as for online courses.


Your journey to the correct information is really simple owing to Single Sign On in MyPath, which works with Office 365, Blackboard, and Student Self-Service in addition to Email. female in…


You will have three accounts as a student at KCTCS that all utilize the same login and password: webmail, Blackboard, and student self-service. If it’s your first time,


109 East Broadway Louisville, KY 40202 Phone: (502) 213-5333 Toll Free: (855) 2GO-JCTC Jefferson Community and Technical College Request details…


Blackboard: Do you need help? Blackboard Support may be contacted. Email use guidelines and policies for KCTCS. Need PeopleSoft


To access the “eCommunity tab,” at the top of the page, please log into Blackboard. Then, you need to spot a company called “Jefferson Blackboard Training…

The “jctc transcript” is a tool that can be used to access transcripts of lectures. The tool is available on the JCTC Blackboard and can also be accessed by visiting the website.

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