List of Best Top 10 NFT Discord Servers for Collectors

If you’re looking for a place to start trading NFTs, this list is the perfect starting point. Join some of these discord servers and get started collecting your favorite digital assets today!

The “biggest nft discord servers” are the most popular ones on Discord. These servers have large collections of NFTs, and a lot of users who are willing to trade or sell their items.

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are used to purchase and sell digital assets like as music, film, art, and real-world items. NFTs are growing more popular in recent years. This NFT allows people to make a lot of money. You should have sufficient resources to study more about one subject. The Discord servers will be quite useful in this regard. 

I’ve selected the top 10 best and free Discord groups to learn more about NFT in this post, as well as the links to join them. There are several NFT Discord groups and initiatives, and now you see why we included these ten Discord servers. I suggest turning off DMs on Discord to prevent getting scammed. 


Community of the NFT

The NFT subreddit hosts this server. You may already be aware of this server if you visited their official website. This is the most well-known location that assists novices in learning and earning more. The NFT subreddit alone has over 201k members, while the NFT discord server has over 75k. 

It is an excellent server to know about NFT in the real-time world, and you can promote your own NFT project. If you just started with NFT, then the Community of the NFT could be the best place to begin your process. 

To participate, go to



It is the first and biggest NFT marketplace, with over 300,000 users and 34 million NFTs. It transacts in excess of $4 billion in total. OpenSea is the world’s biggest marketplace for buying and selling digital assets using NFTs. 

It has its own Discord server with over 145k users. They also have specialized channels for certain purposes, such as news, resources, and opensea-support, where you can obtain help from the crew. 

Join the Discord server at



NFT Now keeps you up to date on the latest news, curation, and analysis on artists, collectors, and economic technology. It provides you with information, podcasts, films, newsletters, and instructions on a regular basis. It has a membership of around 25,000. 

Join the Discord server at



It’s the first NFT marketplace in the world to have its own community for safeguarding digital assets. It uses blockchain technology to function. It is transitioning to operate as a self-contained platform with a community governance approach. It is the safest platform for creating, selling, and collecting digital material. It has its own server, which has over 40 thousand users. This server contains a variety of channels for various purposes, ranging from memes to general to support.

Join the Discord server at


GM Capital is a private equity firm based in New

GM Capital is a private equity firm based in New was created by Beanie, who has a lot of experience and understanding of crypto and the NFT markets. This server gives you as it has more investors. But actually, they will share their opinions and perspective of them in playing games to earn, NFT, and various token projects. Beanie divided the groups into diverse, dedicated perspectives. Luckily all those groups were free to use for all. Having paid discord servers in the market, this server helps you to learn more about NFT for a beginner. 

Join with the following link:



VeeFriends is another popular and active server with more than 160k users. It features a specific scam-alert channel that helps beginners avoid losing their NFTs. NFTs will get nice and friendly sentiments by joining our server. Gary V, who has 20 years of expertise in the construction industry, designed it. He used to speak with the newbies in this group and share his experiences. 

Join the Discord server at



Enter focuses on NFT, especially in the fields of art and finance. There is a vibrant community of musicians, artists, and blockchain developers here. As a result, it’s a one-of-a-kind NFT Platform that employs Binance Smart Chain. Enter was based on cutting-edge technology to give both authors and consumers with long-term ecosystems. This discord server is made up of talented people who are delivering you a cutting-edge trading platform. Low transaction costs and straightforward solutions will be used.


NFT Discord Server

If you’re new to NFT, the official platforms of Discord and Instagram can help you get started. It has 20k users on Discord and 500k+ followers on Instagram. The newest NFT news is provided here 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making it a unique and beautiful way to stay informed. If you’re an artist, there’s a special channel called “IG Feature” where you may post your work. In the “Project” channel, you may market your work and network with other skilled artists. is the link to join.



In 2021, this is one of the most popular NFTs. MekaVerse is a community with over 230k members. You may join here even if you don’t wish to buy “Meka” to get experience and inspiration from other people’s ideas. 

Visit participate, go to


Hideout of the NFT

It’s a private server designed for NFT and Crypto collectors, learners, investors, and creators, among other things. Despite its tiny size, this channel will be useful for those who do not wish to get lost. 

Members of this server may post artwork, debate NFT subjects, and collaborate on custom NFT projects in the same way as members of the NFT Discord server do. 

Join the Discord server at


What is the purpose of the Discord server?

Discord will have more than 140 million active users by the end of 2020, according to the company. Podcasters, YouTubers, live broadcasters, and other online boosters are examples of these users. They often utilize the Discord server to promote themselves and expand their online networks. 

You may join several speciality communities to build your ideas after you’ve established the NFT Discord community. Once you’ve started your own server, you’ll need to accomplish the following:

Become a member of your server and tell others about your adventures. Keep in contact with your Discord friends on a regular basis. Make a list of rules for the members of the server to obey. Allow your community to ask you and others whatever questions they desire. 



In order to make money in the digital economy, NFT is critical. It features a number of markets where you may make a purchase. There are several publications that may assist you in understanding the NFT, and Discord servers can provide you with extra assistance as you work toward being a professional. Beginners may join these Discord servers and begin studying right away. These Discord servers have features that are unique to them, as well as active individuals that contribute to the group and channels’ usefulness. 

The “top nft groups” is a list of the best top 10 NFT Discord servers for collectors. The list includes links to their websites and social media profiles.

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