Microsoft 365 to warn you sending inappropriate emails

Microsoft will warn you if a file attachment in an email is inappropriate.

Microsoft 365 is warning users that they are sending inappropriate emails. The email recipients will receive a warning before the email is sent.

Microsoft 365 to warn you sending inappropriate emails


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  • Microsoft has released an update that will cut the time it takes to detect breaches in workplace communications, making it easier to spot workers who send improper emails.
  • The Microsoft 365 upgrade is likely to be released sooner rather than later, despite the fact that it is still in development.
  • Companies would profit greatly from these upgrades, while it is unclear how Microsoft plans to reduce the time it takes to investigate communication breaches.


The Microsoft 365 compliance center is due for an update shortly, which will substantially reduce the time it takes to detect violations of workplace communication standards.

Microsoft’s new function can monitor communications for improper material, so if a worker sends an insulting message or one that violates their company’s privacy or harassment laws, it will be flagged for managers right away.

The new function, which is still in development, will enable businesses to cut down on the time it takes to review improper communications. It will cut investigation time in half, enabling the organization to react to compliance alarms in less than an hour.

Employees who keep an eye on things

Many companies currently keep track of how their workers communicate with one another through email and communication software. Now, the Microsoft team is offering these organizations a more powerful tool to do so: it can alert management when problematic communications between employees are detected.

While some may regard this kind of action to be a violation of privacy, it is justified by the necessity to track down cybercriminals and prevent data leakage by hostile insiders.

Despite the fact that workplace communications standards are intended to prevent workers from invading one another’s privacy, business software may be used to intimidate or harass others.

Monitoring using Microsoft 365

The Microsoft 365 update includes a dashboard that displays the amount of reviews completed by each reviewer, emphasizes high-risk accounts and messages, and displays a summary of policy breaches found.

It also has a number of unique regulations for detecting offensive language and harassment. Administrators may specify restrictions for communications sent or received, as well as construct custom policies with particular keywords or phrases to be reported.

According to a Microsoft report, when an improper communication is spotted and highlighted, the team owner will get an email warning requesting them to evaluate it.

The notice will tell the user with the contents of the message, as well as who sent it and when it was sent. All of this may be accessed using Microsoft 365’s Security and Compliance Center’s “incident activity report.”

Benefits to the company

Many firms, according to Microsoft, would profit from this new update since it will secure workers and corporate data in general.

The time it takes to examine offensive texts will be cut in half, from days to hours. This ensures that managers can deal with situations as soon as they arise, rather than waiting for them to escalate.

Though the new changes are great for businesses, it is yet unclear how Microsoft will be able to reduce research time by such a large amount. 

Is there a problem with improper communication in your company? What are your thoughts on the upcoming Microsoft 365 upgrade? Please tell us in the comments section.

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Microsoft recently released a new feature called the “medium-severity alert: suspicious email sending patterns detected” that will warn you when you are sending inappropriate emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes suspicious email sending patterns detected?

A: A suspicious email sending pattern is an occurrence of one or more emails being sent to the same person from different sources. This can be a sign that someone has been hacked and their passwords stolen, which we recommend contacting your service provider for help with changing any compromised passwords in case you were affected by this issue.

Which Microsoft 365 services can be monitored by using communication compliance policies?

A: Microsoft 365 includes a variety of services, including Windows 10, Office 365, and Azure. Communication compliance policies are available for Outlook on the web (, Skype for Business Online, Exchange Online Protection with Message Encryption/Decryption (EOP-ME/DE) and OneDrive Files on Demand service.

Which users can create communication compliance policies?

A: There is no way to find out which users can create communication compliance policies.

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