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When you login to a site for the first time and your account is not created, or when you get an error message that says “Mojang Error! Unknown E-Mail Address Or Password.”
This can be caused by many factors. Here are some possible solutions:

If mojang error is what you’re searching for. unknown password or email address. Please check out the sites below: Mojang Account not Working - Arqade More results from

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From Minecraft, you are unable to log into Mojang/


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I have been attempting to sign into my Mojang account for Minecraft for the last several weeks. And each time I attempt, the message “Error! unidentified email address or


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Soooo I am unable to access Mojang or Minecraft. starter of a thread Error! unknown password or email address. Please, fdsuhkjndsvbkhsjz,nx. Agree. 1 …

It’s crucial to keep in mind that once you transfer a Minecraft account to a Mojang account, you… If you get a notification that says “Account migration from a…” Additionally, confirm that you have entered the proper email address at the time you… has been hacked (someone knows your login information), you should…



Mojang Account not Working in Minecraft – Arqade 25.07.2015 – I get the “unknown email or password” problem on the Mojang website, but not on the Minecraft website.

Error is the message I get while attempting to log into Mojang. unknown password or email address. PS: RadioActive PvP was my minecraft username. I play Minecraft.

Hi. We strive to respond as fast as we can. Please visit for additional information. I appreciate your patience.

— Mojang Support on September 5, 2018 (@MojangSupport).


@MojangSupport I tried to get into my Mojang account using my email address, but I still got the error after I changed my password. unidentified email address or

Error! password or email address not recognized at Moyang’s Minecraft… Why does it not function to get into my Mojang Minecraft account? -. Back to…


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