New mute and unmute taskbar feature on Windows 11

This feature enables users to mute or unmute windows while they are on their desktop. The taskbar starts showing the muted window when it is disabled, and vice versa for unmuted windows.

The “meet now windows 10” is a new feature that was released with Windows 10. The feature allows users to mute and unmute the taskbar.

New mute and unmute taskbar feature on Windows 11


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  • The mute and unmute functionality on the taskbar is now available to Windows 11 users. 
  • The capability is presently only accessible on Microsoft Teams, however you may accomplish the same result by using the keyboard shortcut.
  • For consumers to utilize this functionality on third-party apps, developers must send out updates. 


Microsoft is actively working to fix video conferencing difficulties that consumers have been experiencing with a new beta release for Windows 11. 

Mute and unmute options are available.

Early in November, the new Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22494 was published exclusively to the Dev Channel. The most notable addition to the latest version is the option to mute and unmute the microphone right from the taskbar. 

This functionality, however, is only available in Microsoft Teams. It’s self-evident since it’s Microsoft’s online collaboration tool. 

Developers have stepped in to take up the slack and are hard at work improving the functionality of third-party apps. This will enable them to get the most out of the feature. 

“We’re starting to push this out to a subset of Windows Insiders that have Microsoft Teams for work or school installed, and we’ll scale it up over time,” Microsoft said during a briefing. “This implies that not everyone will notice this with their Teams calls straight soon.”

When you join a Teams meeting, the microphone icon will appear on your Windows 11 interface right away. The symbol will display next to the volume, battery, and Wi-Fi icons in the bottom right corner of the screen. 

You may switch on or off the microphone by just clicking on the symbol, which saves you time compared to the old way, which required you to exit the Microsoft Teams meeting fully to access this function. 

Exclusive to Microsoft Teams

This functionality, however, is only available in Microsoft Teams. Despite this, Microsoft is working nonstop to guarantee that the functionality is accessible on all platforms. Other programmers may make changes to their programs to guarantee that their users have access to this functionality. Furthermore, Microsoft has already given its approval to this concept. 

“You can view the status of your call audio, which apps are using your microphone, and instantly mute and unmute your call at any moment,” Microsoft said.

Users may also use the Windows + Alt + K keyboard combination to access the function. Unfortunately, this shortcut only works with Microsoft Teams.

Are you looking forward to the Microphone function in Windows 11? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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