New Teams Refinitiv AI assistant gives accurate financial insights

The new AI-powered assistant was developed by a company that has seen an investment of €1 billion in blockchain. The team will utilize their technology to synthesize the data and information from various sources so it can provide personal financial insights for clients.

The “financial advisor chatbot” is a new AI assistant that gives accurate financial insights. The latest addition to the company’s workforce, it was designed to help investors make better decisions and get more out of their investment portfolio.

New Teams Refinitiv AI assistant gives accurate financial insights


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  • Do you want a powerful AI for Teams that can provide you with reliable financial data?
  • Now, there’s one created just for Microsoft Teams and built by Refinitiv.
  • Breaking news and actionable insights are sent to those who are interested through Refinitiv AI notifications.
  • AI also learns rapidly, improves its effectiveness, and has the potential to become a valuable asset.


We haven’t spoken about Teams in a while, and we thought it was vital for you to know that Microsoft Teams now has a new AI helper that performs things you wouldn’t anticipate.

According to the official Microsoft blog article, it’s designed to provide financial experts with individualized stock market data at the proper moment.

However, this isn’t all Microsoft’s fault; Refinitiv collaborated with the Redmond tech giant to produce this new function.

Are you willing to follow the financial counsel of an AI assistant?

According to Microsoft, the Refinitiv AI notifications serve investment bankers and analysts, asset and wealth managers, financial advisers, and the wider financial services community with breaking news and actionable insights.

However, before we jump to the conclusion that this is Skynet all over again and that we’re going to see a true robot uprising, we should point out that the AI assistant really requests permission.

It does so before using the user’s Microsoft 365 interactions to learn about their individual priorities.

It also keeps the user’s personal information secret and suggests material based on scheduled meetings and frequent email exchanges.


It’s also worth noting that the AI rapidly learns whatever information the expert considers important, allowing it to become even more accurate and relevant.

This product may provide financial professionals a competitive advantage in their research and consumer interactions in a smooth and straightforward manner.

Human-centered AI, as well as a deployment plan inside a company’s own environment, assist to assure the greatest degree of privacy and security.

As a result, we can add the AI assistant that provides financial advise to the already amazing list of Teams features that have been launched in the previous year.

Do you think you’d use this on a regular basis? Let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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The “trim medical bill negotiation” is a new AI assistant that gives accurate financial insights. The assistant was released by the company Refinitiv.

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