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This is the program you need to download and install mods for Minecraft. It streamlines the process of installing, updating, configuring or deleting your mods in one easy step. The Nexus Mod Manager also makes it easier than ever to find new and updated mod files from all around the web so that they will be compatible with your game.

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From nexusmods, Nexus Mod Manager won’t log in.

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What results in the “Nexus Mod Manager login error” problem? The application is out-of-date, and an antivirus program is prohibiting it from running.

Nexus Mod Manager recognizes me as a user. I get the notice “Waiting for login attempt” when I attempt to install a new mod in Fallout New Vegas. When I …

As the title indicates. I get the message “Cannot contact the Nexus login server” whenever I attempt to log in. Either NMM is being blocked by your firewall or the…


Okay, because I can’t access the Nexus boards, I’m publishing this here. I have the following problems: I am unable to download modifications till I am signed in.

Hey, So I can’t log in at all with my Nexus mod manager. Even if I tried, it wouldn’t work, so I was wondering if all the servers were down or something.


When attempting to enter onto your Nexus account using the Nexus Mod Manager, an error message appears. I’ll explain how to resolve this problem in this article.

Firewall Blocking NMM Fix (Nexus Mod Manager)


If the message “Cannot contact the Nexus login server.” appears, try these steps. When you try to log in, either your firewall is preventing NMM or the login server is offline.

Oct 12, 2014 – I have to provide my user name every time I want to download a mod, and it takes long to announce that the manager has added it to the queue.


NX Mods unavailable? Check to see whether the server is now down, experiencing outages for everyone or just for you.

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