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When Nostalrius, a popular and long-running World of Warcraft private server was shut down by Blizzard in April 2016, it sparked an outcry from the gaming community. The move was seen as an assault on player choice that would damage games as a whole. But what are players without their servers?


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r/Nostalrius on Reddit has been disconnected from the server.


Nostalrius server connection lost

I used to play on Kronos, and after updating the realmlist (I believe I did it correctly), I receive the error notice when I attempt to log into Nostalrius or Elysium.

Nostalrius Starts – Unable to Log In (Disconnected from server)

Unable to Log In: Disconnected from Server Message

Instantly disconnected – Help & Support – Forums – Elysium …

I downloaded Elysium since I used to play on Nostalrius, however if you try to connect to the QA servers (which are unavailable), you will get the warning “Disconnected.”

Twinstar forums: [FIXED] Automatic “Disconnected from server”

Hello, after logging in and out, I keep receiving a “disconnected from server” message. Pre-nostalrius Kronos’s dreams are progressively vanishing.

Find Official Page for Withdrawing from the server login, Kronos

Withdrawing from the server login, Kronos



If you are here to log into Withdrawing from the server login, Kronos, … Windows – Client from Nostalrius; Windows – Google Drive; Mac .

Watch the last seconds of the World of Warcraft pirate event…


The two Nostalrius pirate servers on Sunday night were the most crowded World of Warcraft servers I’ve ever seen, and that was just before they shut down.

Issue #24 on GitHub: “Many disconnects using OTClient”


I then lose connection to the server. These disconnect or ping issues don’t occur when OTHire and OTX are compiled from source, for me.

What does’s “Disconnected from Server” mean?


The launch and operation of your program will be detailed in this log. Any mistakes made along the road will be displayed here,…

NanoNost Tells the Complete Account of Nostalrius and the Snowstorm


In fact, my fondness for the original World of Warcraft led me to my current job at Blizzard. We have been talking about vintage servers for a long time.

When logging in, Nostalrius disconnects from the server.

Nostalrius Connection Lost Upon Login · I get the ‘ Disconnected from server’ instantly as i press login , i made my account today and …

Fans of World of Warcraft wish the biggest legacy server goodbye.

On April 10 at 11 p.m. “server time,” Nostalrius disconnected its gamers and terminated. The 150,000 active Nostalrius users are owned by…

Nostalrius-Rock is returning to World of Warcraft.

It’s a private server that seeks to replicate the ‘vanilla’ World of Warcraft experience, that is, WoW as it was at launch or just after.

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