Orweb: Private Web Browser for PC

Orweb is a new, open source web browser released by its creator, which will give you the privacy and anonymity that haven’t been available before. It allows users to browse without leaving traces of their activity on the internet. The Orweb team has collaborated with Mozilla in order to make it compatible with Firefox for an extra level of security.,

Orweb is a private web browser for PCs that uses the Orbot Tor proxy. It can be used to browse the internet privately and securely. The best part about this program is that it’s completely free of charge.


Orweb: Private Web Browser for PC – Free Download for Windows 7/8/10, Mac, Vista, and Laptop

The Orweb privacy web browser has arisen as a saviour in these days of technological growth, when privacy is now a bone of contention, protecting one’s web identity from service providers and opponents alike (lol).

This Tor browser provides users with both anonymity and security in one package. In other terms, it allows users to safely and anonymously visit any website. And when we say any website, we mean orweb breaks through the barriers erected by your network providers, enabling you to view them safely and invisibly.

As a result, you are untraceable. You can’t be infected with viruses, either. Basically, this browser is designed to safeguard your privacy and keep your personal information secure and untraceable. Users and prospective users must install Orbot in order to utilize Orweb correctly.



Orweb’s features include: a private web browser

  1. Browsing history: Orweb browser was intended to not preserve your browsing history in order to prevent outsiders from monitoring it. To put it another way, every time you surf using Orweb, it deletes or clears all the information about the sites you visited, as well as what you performed on them. As a result, don’t be shocked if your passwords, history, and personal data have been deleted the next time you access a site using the Orweb browser.
  2. COOKIE CONTROL: Orweb gives you the power to block websites from installing cookies that follow your actions automatically.
  3. ANONIMITY: Because this browser is Tor-enabled, it becomes more difficult for others to identify personal information such as who you are, where you are surfing from, and so on. To put it another way, when you use the Orweb browser, you turn into a ghost. As a result, you will be protected from stalkers and spies alike.
  4. JAVASCRIPT Assaults: Another fantastic feature of this program is that it guards and defends against JavaScript and other dangerous software attacks by default.
  5. BYPASS: Orweb, in collaboration with Orbot, enables users to bypass firewalls and web filters without being detected. In other words, websites that are generally limited by service providers may be accessed freely.

On your PC, install Orweb: Private Web Browser.


This guide will show you how to install and operate Orweb private browser on your Windows or Mac computer. As a result, the ideal approach to do this is to utilize a BlueStacks or NoxPlayer emulator to run a mobile app on a computer.

Orweb’s Advantages: Private Web Browser

  • It is simple to use.
  • It protects you from dangerous information.
  • It gives you unfettered access to websites that are normally prohibited.
  • It lets you to hide your identity because, although communication from a Tor browser may be intercepted, figuring out who or where it is coming from is challenging.

Orweb’s Drawbacks: Private Web Browser

  • Because the Orweb browser does not utilize VPNs or proxies to link you, it may take a bit longer to connect than other browsers.
  • It’s exclusively for Android users and PC users using an emulator; it’s not for IOS users.
  • A flaw has just been discovered in the Orweb browser. This has weakened the browser’s security, allowing one’s true IP address to be discovered.


Conclusion Finally, the Orweb browser seems to be an excellent choice at first glance. Nonetheless, alternative privacy browsers, such as Orfox, should be tried for security concerns. This is because certain Orweb users’ domains have recently been discovered and tracked, according to recent sources.

Install Orweb: Private Web Browser on your computer by clicking here.

The “guardian project tor” is a private web browser for PC that can be used to protect your privacy. It also has the ability to bypass censorship.

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