Peacock Premium Free for Android TV & Mobile Users Until October 15

Peacock is a free app that allows users to watch live TV and movies on Android TV. The app has been made available for free until October 15, 2018.

Peacock Premium is a live video streaming app that broadcasts 24 hours of free content to mobile devices. It’s available for download on Android TV and Apple TV, as well as iOS and Amazon FireTV/Firestick until October 15th! You can watch exclusive videos like true crime shows or hit movies without any ads – it’s totally ad-free!.

Up to October 15, 2020, NBCUniversal has declared that the premium edition of its Peacock streaming service would be free for Android and Android TV users. Owners of an Android smartphone should have plenty of time to evaluate whether Peacock is the perfect streaming service for them with this extended trial.


Peacock is currently accessible to a limited number of Comcast Xfinity subscribers, and the service will go national on July 15. Peacock users will get access to up to 15,000 hours of streaming material once it launches, including popular series from the NBCU archives as well as Universal Pictures films.

When the service does debut, NBCU has verified that it will be accessible on Android mobile and Android TV devices right away. Customers who join up using an Android mobile or Android TV device will also get a free trial that will continue until October 15, 2020, according to NBCU. Furthermore, according to the statement, certified Google device compatibility also includes Chromecast and Chromecast built-in devices.


Matt Bond, Chairman of NBCUniversal Content Distribution, said:

We look forward to using the tremendous reach of Google’s platforms and devices on July 15 to bring Peacock to even more people, as millions of our viewers have already witnessed the huge advantage of having Peacock accessible to them these last few months.


Peacock Premium is a free app for Android users.

Peacock will be available in three different price categories when it first launches. The first is a free tier that offers restricted material and advertisements. Peacock Premium is the second tier, which costs $4.99 per month. Peacock Premium, like the free tier, includes advertisements. Peacock Premium, on the other hand, gives limitless access to the service’s material, unlike the free version. This is the tier that NBCU has recently confirmed will be free till October 15 for all Android and Android TV subscribers. The most costly option, $9.99 per month, is the most expensive. This tier is similar to the $4.99 Peacock Premium version, with the exception that it is completely ad-free.

Those who want to take advantage of the extended free trial should be informed that the subscription is enabled and handled by the Google Play Store via an Android in-app purchase. As a result, if subscribers wish to cancel their in-app subscription before the trial period ends, they must do so before the trial period ends. Otherwise, the Peacock Premium membership will be charged at the regular amount of $4.99 per month, or $9.99 if the ad-free option is selected.

NBCUniversal is the source of this information.

Peacock is a new app that has been released for Android TV and mobile users. The company is giving away free premium features until October 15, so check it out! Reference: peacock tv free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Peacock free on Android TV?

A: Yes! Peacock is free to download.

How can I get Peacock premium for free?

A: The answer to this question is not currently available.

How do I get Peacock TV on my Android TV?

A: Unfortunately, you cannot play Peacock TV on your Android TV. This is because the app does not currently support Google TVs and other smart devices like Firestick or Roku.

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