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A voice chat app for gamers that allows you to communicate with teammates in real-time. Portal Voice is a group chat and community platform built on the blockchain, allowing people who have never met before to play together from anywhere in the world.

The “glados text-to-speech generator” is a voice that can be generated by the Portal Voice Generator. It has been used in many games and apps, including the Portal series.

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https://glados.c-net.org/ Portal-Voice-Generator-raquo Generate GLaDOS-like voice samples from text input.



Professional voice actor Ellen McLain provided the voice of GLaDOS. Since this technology is automated, it cannot depend on voice acting performed by experts; instead, it employs text-to-…

A GLaDOS AI speech generating tool, so to speak. It has a really realistic sound, and Portal campaigns and modifications might utilize it! If it was already put here, I apologize. by Portal


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Hey. In case anybody is interested, I made the GLaDOS Voice Generator.



a Soundboard for Portal 2 that includes every dialogue and quotations from the game. … I’m pleased of you, son. [Low-pitched’space’ voice] Dad, are you free? [Normal voice]



A professional voice actress named Ellen McLain provided GLaDOS’s voice. This automated tool can’t depend on anything, thus


Unfortunately, I’m not sure whether you can accomplish this in real time. Her voice has undergone intense processing, including formant shifting and artifact manipulation, to make it seem somewhat…



My fiancée thought it was a brand-new voice line from GLaDOS’ when I asked her about the current issue of presidential impeachment.


The simplest approach is employing a GLaDOS voice generator automatically, but the more complicated options need that you download and install sound-editing software.


https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Creating a Portal AI Voice

Ellen McLain, a voice actress and professional singer, supplied the AI GLaDOS’s voice throughout Portal. There were many measures taken to…



I recently tried to find a GLaDOS text to voice but had little success, so now I’m searching for a turret text to speech.


Glados voice maker version 2. The Portal Project, an effort to enhance publications about Portal and Portal 2, includes this page as part of its purview. View the project, please.


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