Reddit NBA Streams 2021: 10+ Best Free Alternatives to r/NBAStreams

The NBA is one of the most popular sports in the United States, and watching games live has become a cultural activity for many. The success of Reddit’s r/NBAStreams led to multiple free alternatives pop up. Here are 10+ top-notch replacements you need to know about!

The “stream nba games free 2021” is a Reddit community that focuses on providing information about the best free alternatives to r/NBAStreams. The community has 10+ Best Free Alternatives to r/NBAStreams, including NBA TV, ESPN+, and YouTube.


Due to legal issues, Reddit took down the popular r/NBAStreams community on June 17th, 2019. As a result, basketball fans were left in the dark since their favorite online venue for watching NBA playoffs was no longer available. r/NBAStreams had over 400K diehard NBA fans and was becoming quite popular before Reddit’s crackdown. However, if you still want free access to Reddit NBA Streams, we’ve compiled a list of 100% functioning alternatives.  

Thanks to these alternatives to Reddit NBA Streams, you can now catch up on all the latest NBA action from the comfort of your own home, office, or college, and view matches (such as Toronto Raptors vs Milwaukee Bucks) in a flash. Furthermore, all of the sites listed below provide full HD free basketball streaming. Let’s get started without further ado. 

10+ Best NBA Streams 2021 Alternatives to Reddit

BuffStream (#1)

reddit nba streams

BuffStream is the place to go if you want to keep up with the newest NBA playoffs and watch plenty of free basketball footage of your favorite local teams. BuffStream is a simple and clean layout that just provides the most recent broadcasts with a “view live” button next to them. 

Only the links are presented in a cascading menu in the centre of the screen, making the UI clutter-free. BuffStream also provides top-tier streaming of other sports such as MMA, soccer, boxing, tennis, and Formula One racing. On this fantastic service, you can even watch some good ol’ NFL streams.

2) LiveTV



Are you a big lover of watching free sports online? You’ve probably come across Live TV, which is regarded as one of the top Reddit NBA streaming options. Peer-to-peer technology is used in Live TV to assist consumers avoid being monitored. In terms of video quality, Live TV offers AceStream’s connections so you can watch your favorite NBA playoff games in 720p or 1080p HD.

Furthermore, you may watch a wide range of other sports, like cricket, football, hockey, and tennis. You may even watch entire highlights of your favorite NBA game on Live TV if you missed it the night before.

3) Join the Discord Server

reddit nba streams

Did you know that before being flagged, the r/NBAstreams crew created a Discord server where they continued to provide working links to all of the current NBA season’s playoffs? Here’s a little background on Discord for those who aren’t familiar with it. Discord is a free mobile chat software (Android & iOS) that is mostly used by gamers to speak in real time with friends or other users. 

Discord, on the other hand, now has a dedicated NBA server where other basketball fans can gather to exchange free live broadcasts. Overall, this discord channel is a must-have if you’re seeking for a free alternative to Reddit NBA streaming.


sites like firstrowsports

ESPN is one of the oldest NBA content distributors, with a brand that needs no introduction in the athletic world. After all these years, if you are a basketball enthusiast, you must be acquainted with ESPN.

WatchESPN, ESPN’s live streaming portal, is geared toward a US and North American audience. As a result, you may freely watch all of the most recent basketball matchups. People who live outside the United States, on the other hand, may need to utilize a VPN service to access the site.

AceStream (#5)


reddit nba streams

What better place to watch the NBA playoffs online than AceStream, whose links were formerly common on the now-defunct r/NBAStreams subreddit? In reality, many basketball fans visit AceStream in order to get high-quality live streaming connections. 

AceStream is associated with the greatest functional connections for viewing a variety of live sports events, including basketball. Because AceStream broadcasts bootlegged live video streams using bittorrent technology, you can count on 100 percent functioning NBA feeds in full HD quality. 

6) Bosscast is a podcast about bosses.

free sports streaming sites

Bosscast, a prominent sports streaming service in North America, has a fairly simple UI that displays the most recent NBA links according to the current season’s playoffs or finals schedule. This service offers live broadcasts of a variety of sports, including football, rugby, baseball, and cricket, in addition to basketball.

BossCast is primarily focused on the US market and does not provide Euroleague feeds. Just a heads up: if you’re not in the United States, you may need to use a VPN to access BossCast, which is geo-restricted in other countries.

7) Stream2Watch is a website that allows you to watch videos online.

best free sports streaming sites

Stream2Watch, which has a dark-clad UI, is a great place to watch NBA games as well as foreign leagues and events like the Euroleague, NCAA-M, WNBA, and March Madness, to mention a few. Aside from basketball, other prominent sports such as cricket, rugby, snooker, soccer, UFC, and tennis have active streams.

Stream2Watch also offers live TV channel links for NBA TV, ESPN, ESPN 2, TNT, NBC Sports Network, Fox Sports 1, and ABC, all of which carry basketball games live. Overall, Stream2Watch is one of the greatest online basketball streaming alternatives to Reddit NBA feeds.

StreamWoop (number 8)

best free sports streaming sites

Streamwoop has climbed through the ranks of top free sports streaming services after garnering popularity among North American users. Basically, StreamWoop compiles a list of numerous URLs for the current NBA game so that users may find high-quality HD connections to share with their friends.

StreamWoop also has a fun chat area where basketball fans may contribute with amusing comments and debate the game. In addition to basketball, StreamWoop has connections to practically every popular sport, as well as links to major sports streaming cable channels on the right side of the screen.

9) FirstRowSports is a company that specializes in sports.

reddit nba streams

FirstRowSports gives the greatest quality basketball live streams that you can watch anytime, anywhere with a steady internet connection, thanks to its spick-and-span design and simple structure. 

This prominent sport streaming center is also known for giving 100% functioning streams of other sports such as Rugby, UFC, Ice Hockey, Football, and Tennis, in addition to unrestricted NBA activity. Overall, for ardent basketball game fans, FirstRowSports is one of the greatest options to Reddit NBA Streams.

10) LIV by Sony

reddit nba streams

Sony LIV, one of the most popular entertainment websites in the world, also serves as a sports platform for legal NBA streaming. Sony LIV, which has a gorgeous and ultra-clean UI, provides free basketball feeds for the current NBA season without any interruptions.

Aside from basketball, fans may easily access other sports such as football and cricket. However, since the majority of SonyLiv’s sports channels are focused on Asian athletic events, locating all NBA playoff games may be difficult. 

Why was r/NBAStreams deactivated?

The main reason that r/NBAStreams was banned was because redditors were openly distributing live AceStream URLs for free NBA games. Unsurprisingly, many cable networks took note and lodged legal notices to Reddit, resulting in the subreddit’s impending shutdown.

However, rumors abound that the moderators of the r/NBAStreams forum had already created a backup site three months before the tragedy. Nonetheless, if you want to watch Reddit NBA broadcasts online, this list of options will serve.

Final Thoughts

We’re certain that your search for the top functional Reddit NBA streaming alternatives has come to an end. You may now watch the NBA finals or playoffs of your favorite teams for free in full HD definition. Furthermore, these aforementioned sports streaming services will come in helpful if you wish to watch other sports as well.

Please keep in mind that when viewing all NBA live streaming sites, you should use a VPN service to hide your browser history and keep your online identity safe and private.

That’s all there is to it! Did you appreciate our list of Reddit NBA Streams alternatives? Leave your thoughts in the comments area.

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