Schemes and Scams on Internet Submissions

There are 1,640,000 items on search engine businesses who offer to submit websites to search engines for a price as of the last Google search. That’s likely an accurate number, since that’s the big business on the Internet, luring unsuspecting web site owners to get that first page rank in Google. Problem is that the first page only has room for a limited number of websites, so it is impossible for these search engine submitters to get anywhere close to that, regardless of what they promise.

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These web submissions services are monthly or by the website instance. In other words some search engine businesses promise that for a monthly fee they will submit a website to x number of search engines. Check with this later, and you will find that the search engine “windowwashingforlinkseverywherebysearchenginefolkseekers” is so remote that it’s likely your website just submitted is the only one the engine might have. That’s because anyone can establish a search engine on a website with a computer, which means they number in the hundreds of thousands. The professionals who rave about the number of search engines they provide with their submission services don’t tell folks that it isn’t difficult to do that or that it is next to impossible for any of these submissions to reach top Google status.

The other con game, because that’s close to what this business is, comes with the added package that the website will be created as part of the service. These websites look like the do-it-yourself free ones, perhaps a little better, but nothing to warrant the hundreds of dollars upfront costs.

So who bites these days? Most people who fall for the search engine submitters and website developers for bucks with big promises do so because they don’t know how to do anything else, are new to the Internet business, and have limited time to learn. They figure they can throw a little money at the wall and perhaps some of that money will bring them business. In fact it is literally like throwing money at a wall because the limited potential of these businesses makes it nearly impossible for the business owner to gain anything close to what has been promised.

Besides scamming folks, many of the people who hide behind these Internet business facades are people who are trying to make it themselves. A recent perusal and encounter with one of them found that the business had a prior number of websites each hyping the same idea. The deals get better after any refusal, and many who say they won’t submit an email to bulk mail programs flat out lie about it because many, in fact, make some of their money by doing just that.

So in the Internet world of warnings about business, put the search engine masters down as people to mostly avoid. A do-it-yourself software for next to nothing will likely work as well as what these businesses promote, and you won’t be deleting thousands of unwanted email from the in basket.

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