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The “end cake sky factory 3” is a new feature in the Sky Factory 3 modpack. It allows players to end their current world, and start a new one. This is done by using an End Portal that can be found in the Nether or the End.

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How can I get to the final destination in Sky Factory 3? thru feedthebeast

How can I travel to the end in Sky Factory 3? : feedthebeast Additional outcomes from Portal Frame

Strongholds have a block called the End Portal Frame. It resembles an End Stone and has hollow side decorations in addition to a beautiful bluish-green top. Cake


Ex Astris introduced the object known as The End Cake, which is created and then put in the world like any other cake. The End Cake with Eye must be right-clicked by the player. Portal Frame

RT @CreeperHost on February 3: We’re excited to announce that we now support @Valheimgame servers! Why not participate in the excitement of multiplayer by… Portal Frame



Simply construct your own End Portal. The gateway will open if you construct the structure shown in the first screenshot and then right-click the End Rod with an Evil Tear.

2 Responses 3 By the way, even while naturally formed End Portals do have a lava lake underneath them, lava is not at all necessary for them. – MrLemon Nov 10 ’15 at 21: … started/how to respawn ender dragon.php


But did you know that when you beat it, there are a few simple steps you may do to resurrect the ender dragon? (see picture below). started/how to find end city.php

An End City that might be challenging to locate was added to the End biome. You must teleport through this portal since it is too tiny for you to walk through it. 3. Look for an End City. Start gazing now that you can see as far out as you can.

I do recall that there being a portal back at the conclusion, but I’m still curious as to if this is intended or whether there is a defect.


fresh member Jul 29, 2019. 6,441. -1. 0. Aug 31, 2013 · #3 · Just a brief inquiry, Stimo: Can you shatter the final portal you discover and…

Now that my platform is so large, I can hardly see from end to end. The Sky Factory 4 modpack contains modifications for the Java version of Minecraft. perhaps a portal gun Or simply… games like Ultra Hard Survival 3, Blood N Bones, and Crash Landing.


The “end cake not working” is a problem that has been present for a while. This can be fixed by using the “/setblock end_cake 1” command to set an end portal block at your desired location.

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