Smart Brain-Monitoring Wearable To Detect Sleep Stroke can actually save people’s lives!

Medical wearables 2020 is a new market that has been growing in the past few years. It is expected to grow even more with time.

zeit brain monitoring wearableOrestis Vardoulis and Urs Naber were the founders of Zeit. They were worried about the time it took for a 911 call concerning a stroke to be answered and for the individual to get care. “It used to be that you couldn’t do anything, but now it matters a lot how quickly you get to the hospital,” Naber said. “As soon as the stroke occurs, your brain begins to die, therefore time is of the essence. People have spent millions of dollars to reduce the time between dialing 911 and being transported to the hospital, as well as the time between being at the hospital and receiving care. But no one is talking about what happens in the hours leading up to the 911 call, so we recognized that’s where we need to innovate.”

The important thing here is to start the process of getting admitted to the hospital as soon as possible so that therapy and medicine may begin before the situation worsens. This smart accessory may assist the wearer in acting “smart.” Because the user is warned ahead of time, he or she may immediately seek therapy.

There is a distinction between a normal ECG and a patient’s ECG. The nurses may be taught how to recognize particular patterns with their eyes. This wearable was created after extensive medical research and a clinical trial. It features an integrated EEG that measures brain activity.

The signals are analyzed by a smartphone app, which compares them to a preset collection of wave patterns. An alert is delivered to the user and his caregivers if there are any anomalies (if any). It is possible to configure the system such that an automated call is sent to 911.

The testing phase is still being carried out by the business, according to the current plan. This testing is done on individuals who have previously had one stroke and are now considered high-risk patients, meaning they are at danger of having another stroke. Users wear their headband wearables at night while using their cellphones to access their applications. This Smart Brain-Monitoring Wearable To Detect Sleep Stroke will be available for commercial sale and distribution in the near future. In the health and wellness industry, it has an almost limitless use and breadth.


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The benefits of wearable technology in healthcare is a term that has been around for years. However, the benefits of wearable technology are now becoming more apparent. A new device called Smart Brain-Monitoring Wearable To Detect Sleep Stroke can actually save people’s lives!