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The world of Betweenlands is a place where you can explore and build your own worlds. Join the adventure in this whimsical new game!

Simply click on one of the links below if you’re searching for the betweenlands portal: Portal Tree | The Betweenlands Wiki | Fandom The Portal Tree is an artificially created structure that provides access to The Betweenlands. It can be created by right-clicking on any Sapling with the Swamp … to Get There

Then, four access portals to the Betweenlands will appear in the Portal Tree that will grow all around you. Be careful to be ready; avoid bringing food, potions,… Frame


The Portal Tree’s building elements, as well as the frame and platform foundation of each unique Tree Portal to The Betweenlands, are called Portal Frames. They possess a Talisman

Right-clicking any Sapling with the Swamp Talisman, providing there is one, will then result in the creation of a Portal Tree with four Tree Portals to The Betweenlands.


KD Minecraft uploaded the video

According to feedthebeast, there isn’t enough room for a doorway to the Betweenlands.


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Versions Version of Betweenlands: 3.4.4 Version of Forge: Multiplayer or single-player? Singleplayer Added modifications: I uninstall every mod

By building a Portal Tree with four portals to the dimension, one may enter the Betweenlands. To learn more about how to…

The Betweenlands Portal is located at / / / /


I built a portal in the farmworld when I was around two years old with all the required tools and advances, but I couldn’t go through whether I tried to or not. uQbVJaNJvzZ05QV7vKXqWjDgq

-The Key to the “The Betweenlands” portal. It is made using a very different method from a vanilla recipe. But the player must first leave.


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