Top 10 best Discord servers to make gamer friends 2022

Discord is a chat service that allows people of the same interests to get together and have discussions without much overhead. It has been gaining popularity in recent years, with many notable developers like Riot Games opening their own servers for community engagement.

The “discord servers to make friends 2022” is a list of the top 10 best Discord servers. The list includes some popular server names, such as “The Real Life Gaming Community”, and some new ones, such as “PVP Arena”.

Discord, a chat network, has evolved into a social platform for gamers. Its appeal has grown, yet there are still a lot of Discord servers for gamers. Some servers are permanent, disguising many games and other forms of popular culture on a regular basis. On Discord, though, you’ll find a slew of servers dedicated to a particular pastime. Some of them are legitimate recreation servers that are run and operated on behalf of or on behalf of the relevant gaming organization. Others are unofficial organizations that are often staffed by ardent game fans ready to debate a game’s contemporary capabilities and playability.

We’ve already discussed what Discord servers are and how they may be used for business purposes. Furthermore, as a developer, it will be beneficial for you to establish a Discord community. It boasts over a hundred million monthly active clients for each game, as well as the ability to participate in millions of communities. Its most important servers have tens of thousands of users… [Discord] is now experiencing a significant transformation: it is attempting to transform the platform into a communication tool for everyone, from governmental agencies to sneakerheads to gardeners. 

Discord is just now realizing that it may have stumbled onto something that may be the internet’s future.” Following a series of lectures of the Discord platform, we’ll now go through the top ten Discord servers. It will assist players in improving their performance in a variety of games. 


Official Genshin Impact

MiHoYo created Genshin Impact, a free-to-play action position-playing game. Tevyat is the name given to the worldwide Genshin Impact. It’s a rich and fascinating universe full of dungeons, riddles, and hundreds of other interesting locales, including seven major foreign destinations. Genshin Impact has an anime-inspired art style.

Because this server is so well-known, with over 800,000 users, it may be difficult to get access to it. It seems to be complete on a regular basis. You may want to be persistent in your efforts to join this discord server.



It is one of the top five most important servers on the Discord platform. Riot Games provides a legitimate VALORANT Discord channel. With about 800,000 participants, it is quite active. It says that getting onto this server might be difficult, and that you should be patient at peak periods. It’s available to all VALORANT players throughout the world, and you may use it to discover games in your area. English is the predominant language. You’ll find a wide range of channels covering a wide range of subjects.


Official Minecraft Discord Server

Minecraft has been popular since 2009, despite the fact that it looks to be older due to the blocky pictures that give it a “vintage school” appearance. It has won a slew of accolades for being one of the best video games ever made. The Minecraft official server is now ranked third among the server’s most famous members.

Minecraft Discord Server:


The Fortnite Discord Server is the official Fortnite Discord Server.

With 827k members, The Fortnite Discord Server is the official Fortnite Discord Server. holds the first position for the largest server in the Discord platform. It was released through Epic Games in 2017. Its most popular model is Fortnite Battle Royale, a free-to-play warfare royale sport with as many as one hundred players preventing it from being the ultimate character status.

The Fortnite Discord Server is the official Fortnite Discord Server. splits its channels into the following categories: Discord Information, Fortnite News, How Do I, General Community, Battle Royale, Creative, Save the World, Bug Reporting, Homebase Broadcast, and Weatherman Broadcasts.

Fortnite Discord Server:


Rainbow 6’s Official Discord

Rainbow Six: Siege and Rainbow Six: Extraction are both covered on the official Rainbow Six Discord server. To get access to the remainder of the server, go to #position-undertaking and specify a platform function (PC, PlayStation, or Xbox). It is an English-speaking neighborhood. 

A main #trendy conversation zone, as well as specific recreation discussion places, #siege-game-dialogue and #r6-extraction-dialogue, are included in the channels. 

Rainbow6 may be found at


MrBeast Gaming is a video game developer.

MrBeast Gaming is a video game developer. is any other channel that is often complete and in which you can attempt several times to advantage entry. The MrBeast Gaming is a video game developer. Discord server is the reliable Discord server from MrBeast and his crew. MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) is pleasantly called an American YouTuber. He makes challenge films that praise hundreds of dollars, donation movies concerning lots of money, exhausting tasks or survival, unique vlogging movies, and extra.


Unofficial Roblox Discord Server

The Unofficial Roblox Discord Server describes itself as the maximum vital community-run Roblox Discord. We have formerly written an In-Depth Guide To Roblox. Before communicating on this server, you must first confirm your Roblox account.


Apex Legends Discord Server

The reputable Apex Legends Discord server touts itself as a developer support network. Various statement and discussion channels are available, covering topics such as the sport, servers, eSports, events, lore, and approach.

You could even come across channels where fans can share their artwork and in-game images.


Discord by TommyInnit

This is the TommyInnit community’s reputable Discord server. He regularly shares Minecraft-related streams and videos, especially from the Dream SMP, a private, whitelisted survival multiplayer (SMP) Minecraft server where the Dream Team and their friends play. TommyInnit engages with fans on a frequent basis, as seen by his Discord and Skyblock videos.


Official Rocket League Discord Server

This is the official Rocket League Discord server, operated by the developers. The Discord server has a number of announcement and chat channels, as well as specialised channels for assistance, community events, buying and selling, eSports, and network content.



The finest and most interesting way to spend our leisure time is to play games. Many games have a large following, and they need a variety of platforms in order to maximize their gaming abilities. We’ve spoken about a few of the most popular games and their discord servers throughout the globe. Exploring more of such games will be beneficial to players.

These servers are well-kept and offer an active and healthy environment for you. In the comments below, tell us about your favorite games and their dedicated Discord servers. 

The “discord servers to make friends 12+” is a list of the top 10 best Discord servers. The list includes servers that are geared towards making gamer friends and finding gaming partners.

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