Top 10 Best Fortnite Discord Servers to Join in 2022

Fortnite is back and bigger than ever. With a battle royale mode that has over 40 million players alone, Fortnite will continue to be one of the best games in 2019. The community for this particular game is also some of the most active on Discord servers today with many enjoyable features such as voice chat and custom emojis. Here are the top 10 Fortnite discord servers you should join right now!

The “fortnite discord servers to find a duo partner” is a list of the top 10 best Fortnite Discord servers to join in 2022. The list includes the server name, location, and number of members.

ABC created the equipment that would eventually become Discord while he was seeking for a means to expand the stages of dialogue amongst his online gaming squad. The team collaborated with Jason Citron to make Discord one of the most widely used encrypted communication applications for social/online usage. It resembles a social networking platform rather than a regular chat room.

The majority of people who use Discord are online gamers. However, the software program isn’t limited to these applications. Because of the level of secrecy required to prevent users from communicating privately, authorities that wish to discuss sensitive issues have turned to the software application. There are well over 130 million people who use and create the software application.

The membership counts are based on a variety of sources, with a few websites displaying unique data.


AFK Arena

AFK Arena is a mobile card game with elements of myth, sword, and magic. Players may face each other in various ways or work in groups. The game allows users to form factions, or groups of players. Being a member of a faction provides several advantages in recreational gaming.

Customers may give unique cards, gadgets, and in-game abilities via the official Discord. There’s also a social component, where individuals may tell shaggy dog stories about their gaming experiences, share memes, and form businesses.

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By the summer of 2019, the game had received 400 000 downloads on the Apple store. According to the developer, there were a total of 6 million customers.

Visit for more information.  


WLA Anime Soul

Anime Soul, another anime-focused Discord, promises to be the most well-tested anime Discord. The organization also has a companion website with reviews of the most recent anime collections and films set to be released outside of Japan. It claims to be the world’s largest anime-themed Discord server. 

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“We Love Anime” is the acronym for “We Love Anime.” It becomes the Discord’s one-of-a-kind moniker.

Https://animesoul.Com/ is a link to a website where you may learn more about anime.  


Jesus Mafia Meme

Fans of the infamous Instagram account @yourlordandsaviormemejesus may join this Discord. The primary goal of the Discord is to share “dank” memes and other forms of mischief, but it also hosts gaming contests for multiplayer photography, video games, and Minecraft servers.

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Instagram has a habit of blocking profiles associated with Discord. 



Free prizes are one of the most effective strategies to attract new server members. The Discord that identifies it is Vast.Gg. Within the video game industry, Vast is a marketing firm that links potential customers with product manufacturers. Members may win free samples of brand new must-haves such as Bluetooth headphones and gaming PCs. Contributors talk about eSports and other multiplayer games while they’re not in fear of losing anything.

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Vast.Gg also promotes youtube gaming experts by organizing prize competitions in their honor. is a link to a website where you may learn more about Vast. 


FN Pro League is a professional football league in France.

Fortnite is a popular multiplayer movement video game that is played all over the world. It has evolved into a competitive event in which participants compete for monetary prizes. The Fortnite Pro League Discord is a place where gamers who want to become experienced paid Fortnite players or who are currently doing so may exchange hints and advice. You may also find other players to train with and keep up with future events in your region.

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The FNPL has been tried by over 600,000 Fortnite players.

Visit for more information. 


Survival on the Last Day on Earth

This is the professional Discord server for the cellular recreation Survival on the Last Day on Earth. The recreation allows gamers to experience an imagined zombie apocalypse in which they’re fighting both the undead and different human beings in recreation.

The Discord provides the most basic guidelines and tips for moving throughout the game in a similar manner. Members may also win gifts to assist them have a better time in-recreation. Members may also compete for rewards in competitions run by the operators.

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The game is one of the most well-liked mobile video games of the year. 


Scrims of Atlantis

Team Atlantis is a competitive Fortnite crew from the United States that is one of the most popular. They host tournaments and support various competitions.

The Team Atlantis Discord is dedicated to helping players improve their skills via scrimmages (“scrims”), education, and other methods. People that are a member of the Discord may have the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and perhaps gain a spot on the aggressive team.

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In 2018, one member of Team Atlantis is said to have received over $200 in prize money.

Team Atlantis may be found at 



Slippy seems to be a four-chan Discord for public amusement. The institution’s emblem is a replica of the Pepe the Frog meme, which indicates a link to the 4-chan network. Slippy, on the other hand, is the name of a frogman or lady in the Star Fox video games.

Slippy looks to be an all-purpose server where users share memes, jokes, emotes, language problems, and video games. 

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Outsiders find Slippy strange. It’s simple to get in; staying in without getting barred is more challenging.

G6rhnRD ( ( 


PUBG Mobile is a mobile version of the popular game PU

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a multiplayer online shooting game. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of others, this Discord is the official one for the mobile version of the game. Although PUBG predates its popular competitor, Fortnite, the game itself is extremely similar.

It’s unclear why the cell version has such a large Discord and the other versions don’t, maybe it’s because the cell version is less costly and more accessible to people all over the globe. Contributors receive clues and may gain other in-game advantages by being a member, much as other Discords for multiplayer gaming.

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PUBG Mobile is a mobile version of the popular game PU is the most famous and worthwhile online game of the past 12 months. It earned Tencent over $146 million.

PUBG Mobile may be found at 


Official Site of Fortnite

The reputable Fortnite Discord server is now the world’s largest Discord server. Members join to talk about the well-known video game and learn about the many unique DLCs and tournaments. Gamers also exhibit as much as they can in order to locate groups and scrims to participate in.

There are dozens of different Fortnite-associated Discords, just like the FN Pro League is a professional football league in France.. It can be less complicated to discover opposition or new contacts on a non-legit server.

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In 2018, Fortnite generated $2.44 billion in revenue. Three of the servers on this list are associated with Fortnite.




We spoke about the top 10 Discord servers where you can talk about Fortnite with like-minded folks. As a result, you’ll be able to learn new tips and tactics to apply when playing games. To learn more about those Discord servers, we listed all of their highlights. Each server has its own set of channels and features designed to keep users engaged and create a lively atmosphere. We also give a link to join the necessary servers. If we haven’t included your favorite Discord server in our listings, please let us know. 

The “fortnite discord for adults” is a list that ranks the top 10 best Fortnite Discord servers to join in 2022.

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