Top 10 Best Minecraft Discord servers to Join 2022

Discord is one of the most popular platforms for gamers and developers to connect, discuss and share opinions. Discord servers allows players to find like-minded people while giving them a variety of options when it comes to finding games or things they enjoy. Here’s our list of top 10 best Minecraft discord servers that will help you get started in 2019!

The “minecraft discord servers to make friends” is a list of 10 servers that are the best for making new friends in Minecraft. The list is ordered by number of players.

Discord is the simplest method to communicate through voice, video, and text. Top chat hangs around with your friends and communities and keeps in touch with them. Discord is a superb talk chat tool that works similarly to Slack on Skype and lets users to speak in real time using text, audio, or video. It was originally designed for video game players to communicate with one another. The direct messaging system is very well-kept and organized. You may either arrange your own servers or create many chat and telephone channels for a single server. Discord Inc.’s CEO and Co-Founder, Jason Citron… This post will show you the top ten Discord servers created just for Minecraft players. You may meet new friends, get their in-game experience, and more on these servers. 


Minecraft Discord Server

This server was created by Minecraft authorities and now has over 8 lakh active users, making it the world’s second-largest Discord server. The official Fortnite Discord server is in top place, with 27k+ users, ahead of the Minecraft server. You may wonder why the Minecraft server couldn’t go up to first place. Because Discord is a new platform, keeping 8 lakh users on a single server is still difficult. 

The moderators, on the other hand, aim to delete inactive users every week. As a result, new players may join there if they are fortunate enough to get their seat. 

Join the Discord server at



Mystic will be one of the top options for expanding your Minecraft knowledge. It has over 33k members and a 4.6 rating, which is excellent. They also have some fantastic Minecraft-themed freebies. While there are several Minecraft servers accessible, this Discord server has the most active and nicest group. 

Members of this server are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss their games, ideas, and access Minecraft modifications, among other things. In addition, Mystic offers Anime game freebies. 

To participate, go to


Purple Detention Center

Purple Detention Center is another Discord server in our list that consists of both experienced and newbies to the Minecraft game. This server is popularly known for its 24×7 active chats about Minecraft and giveaways they provide for the Discord Nitro premium subscription. 

This server has many bots, which keep you safe against spammers and unwanted posts. So you can expect a clean space to chat with people all over the world and get new ideas on the gameplay. Finally, the Purple Detention Center is the best server for Minecraft to try.

To participate, go to


Cosmic Artisan

This server has been voted the finest Minecraft server on Discord from a plethora of options. This server’s moderators are active and provide a variety of services to make the server a vibrant and welcoming community for its users. Furthermore, they provide daily giveaways for Discord’s premium Nitro membership, which is quite uncommon on other Discord Minecraft servers. 

To participate, go to



Hypixel caters to a wide range of game players, with a focus on Minecraft gamers. You may simply make friends on this server and schedule a meeting to discuss gaming ideas. Aside from Minecraft gamers, Sky Wars and Murder Mystery players are welcome to join and discuss their gaming experiences. 

You are not need to be the greatest player in order to get a place on this server. The goal is that even newcomers are welcome to engage in the discourse and demonstrate their enthusiasm for gaming. 

Join the Discord server at


SMP in Minecraft

SMP in Minecraft is another best Discord server for Minecraft, which provides the best support to its members. The members of this server are super-chill and always ready to help you out. It is also one of the largest servers for Minecraft with over 63k members. Apart from discussing the Minecraft game, people here also discuss Among Us, and Valheim.


The Vent

The Vent isn’t as popular as the other Minecraft Discord server on our list. This is the newest server, and it has received rave feedback from its users. You may form a group for yourself on this server and specify a variety of rules to govern it. This server is unusual in that no bots or server administrators will oversee your group. This functionality will not be available on any other server on this list. 

You may find a variety of tools to utilize here, as well as engage with other members of the community.  

To participate, go to


Simplified Skyblock

This Discord server is dedicated to the Hypixel skyblock game mode, as the name implies. This server allows users to exchange skyblock objects with other players on the server. Furthermore, you may acquire useful tips and techniques for this mode or just speak with other Minecraft fans. is the link to join.


Cosmic MC

This server has over 9000 users. This will serve as a center for Minecraft, with multiplayer game options available. It offers regular prizes to its users, as well as Discord nitro giveaways on a regular basis. You may join regardless of your skill level. 

Join the Discord server:


Oasis at Midnight

The last and best server for Minecraft on our list is Oasis at Midnight. This server is also famous for the giveaways and rewards they provide to the members. If you are searching for a clean environment and people with game minded, then you have to join this server right now. 

Finally, this server features bots that give technical information about the Minecraft game as well as Discord. Members of this server are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to give their insights, map knowledge, expertise, and more. 

Join the Discord server at



Finally, we’ve seen the top ten Minecraft-related discord servers. Apart from this game, these servers will offer active support for a variety of other well-known titles. They are willing to assist you at any moment and are helpful in changing your gaming style. There is never any toxicity on any of the servers provided. 

Please let us know if we overlooked any essential servers that would be beneficial in the Minecraft game by leaving a comment below. 

The “mystic minecraft discord server” is a great place to find other players, friends, and even groups of people who are looking for the same thing. The best part about this server is that it’s not just for Minecraft, but for all sorts of games. You can also get help from staff members on how to improve your experience in-game.

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