Top 10 discord servers for anime 2022

With the surge of anime streaming in recent years, we’re finally experiencing a renaissance for anime. With more content being produced and consumed than ever before, there are now multiple social platforms with tons of discord servers dedicated to animes from all over the world. Here is our list of 10 top discord servers for your next binge-watch session this winter!

The “discord anime servers” is a list of 10 discord servers for anime 2022. The list includes some popular and new discord servers that are currently available.

Users may establish servers on Discord, which can include a variety of text and audio channels. Discord may be used to create areas where individuals can gather, meet up to find other gamers, and socialize. You’ll join a voice chat channel after you’ve joined a server to encourage other players to play certain games. It is possible to talk with pals one-on-one or in a group through a server using this method. 

Anime is separated into many types and has a large following. There are several sites available to get information on this topic. Discord servers are also essential. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Discord servers devoted to anime enthusiasts. 


Discord Servers Dedicated to Anime

My research normally begins with a thorough examination of each Discord channel in order to communicate with the groups as quickly as possible. As a result, I was able to improve and understand why the people in this text are contemplating the anime Discord servers that are accessible.

So, whether you’re a weeb, otaku, or simply a devoted anime fan, this article will help you figure out which Discord groups are worth your time.

Soul of an Anime

With over six hundred thousand participants, Soul of an Anime is the biggest and most active Discord server for anime lovers. It has been partnered with Twitch and made it easy. There are plenty of types and informed individuals to talk with and ask questions. The moderators are excellent, and channels have been labeled consistent with your interests. There’s a unique filter in the vicinity to guarantee that no swear phrases are allowed in the chat. Given how intense the network rules are for contributors, this needs to pass without announcing.

The server isn’t restricted to anime. It has several gaming, sports activities, delicacies, and various channels where you can participate. Soul of an Anime’s main interest is discussing the most modern anime collection, manga, and visual novels. Soul of an Anime is your holy web page if you have an passion for all matters anime.


The r/Anime Discord Server on Reddit

The anime network has its own discord server on Reddit. It contains a few channels, including the main Anime chat, where you may talk about anything anime-related with other participants. If manga and webcomics are your thing, they also provide sections for video game dialogue. The r/Anime Discord Server has monthly giveaways, so if you’re interested in current anime figurines, comics, or art books, here is the place to be.

Isle of Paradise

Isle of Paradise is a notable Anime Discord server with over 200,000 individuals. There are sections for anime discussion, well-known chat, and voice chats nicely. They also have a massive Anime Music Video (AMV) segment. Isle of Paradise has an excellent community of friendly individuals and moderators, making it one of the exceptional anime discord servers available!

Onsen Shakura

Shakur Onsen has over 220,000 discord contributors and is considered one of the largest anime Discord servers. This server is devoted to anime and anime art. Onsen Shakura has over 250 moderators who help keep things jogging smoothly.

There are also sections dedicated to comics, anime dialogue, and voice conversations. There’s also a cosplay area where you can share your creations with the network. They also have regular freebies and competitions, so keep an eye out for them!

Discord invite: MQEsbM8


There is no life without a game 

NGNL-A is a pretty busy anime Discord server with lovely voices and kind greetings, not to be confused with its sister server, No Game No Life – Roleplaying. The network hints are grouped into pledges, which are akin to commandments and include the server’s dos and don’ts. Gaming is also a major issue on this server, particularly Apex Legends.

The Anime Discord is a place where you can talk about anime (TAD)

Others, in particular, saw anime Discord server in the same light as the previous two. The Anime Discord has a sizable membership list, as well as its own set of rules and procedures, as well as an intriguing set of membership levels known as Roles.

The roles are entirely based on terms relating to one’s interest or pastime in anime, as well as the fandom lifestyle. You begin as a normie and work your way up through the ranks of Weeabo and Otaku until you reach the coveted Kami.

The Seas of the Seven Seas

If you’re more into kawaii emojis than easy anime, The Seas of the Seven Seas has you covered. Though its life is based on its contributors’ love of anime, the offered emojis are present when the Discord server is sticking electricity.

The majority of the channels available are the same as those found on other sites. There’s a dedicated roleplay channel, as well as off-topic channels for discussing other popular activities. Each channel’s workers have a lifestyle that is influenced by the members of the community.

The Seas of The Seven Seas is an excellent server choice for anybody who hasn’t yet found their home among a diverse group of like-minded anime fans.

Visit for more information.

Hangout with KawaiiBot

The Hangout with KawaiiBot server changed into normally created as the professional server for the Kawaii Bot. If you’ve ever used the Kawaii bot, they’re already aware of the server’s existence. The ones who have no longer used the bot will likely discover these statistics beneficial.

Hangout with KawaiiBot isn’t only a Discord server dedicated to its featured bot and home to many other otakus like yourself. Are you interested in anime? Many members have a passion for it—just seeking out a laugh environment with exceptional human beings? Hangout with KawaiiBot has that in spades.

Visit for more information.

Koma Café

The following Discord server is mostly dedicated to video games and anime. This Discord server has active conversation and unique activities that are open to all members. Furthermore, the opportunities to become an administrator or moderator are many. If you want to be one, show off your vibrant personality on this server and you could just be chosen. More to the point, this server features active voice chat channels with a large number of users, all of which is presented in a very attractive setting.

With all of this in mind, if you have a strong interest in gaming and anime, you will not find a finer discord server than this. Join this server by clicking the button below, and you’ll be transported to a new continent. 


 It offers a few funny aspects, such as bots for gambling video games, voice chats, stocks anime artwork, and anime discussions, and the gaming side of this server is also fantastic.

When I was on the lookout for such discord servers, this became the sole place I spent the majority of my time. The reason for this is because the individuals on this server are generally well-behaved. However, I really like the gaming bots on this server xD. 



As you can see, the majority of my list comprises the most well-known servers accessible, and this is for good reason. They’re well-known because all of the contributors who call them home adore them. Yes, some are more important than others; otherwise, I wouldn’t have had to shut down a handful of servers. Even smaller servers, on the other hand, may be able to integrate all of the sociability.

The “anime discord server names” is a list of 10 servers with the most popular anime in them.

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