Top 5 Best Discord Game Bots that play Free Games 2021

With the rise of Discord and its popularity as a platform for multiplayer games, many people seem to be opting out from traditional gaming platforms. This means that game bots are going to become more popular than ever in order to fill your time with endless hours of fun!

The “best discord game bots 2022” is a list of the top 5 best Discord game bots. These bots are able to play free games such as Pokemon and Fortnite.

Discord has undoubtedly been a fantastic tool for individuals all around the globe to establish their own communities. However, the greatest group that evolved quickly on Discord was the community of gamers for various games. The emergence of gaming bots began once the rise of the gaming community was monitored. As a result, bot developers from all over the globe began creating bots that might be a fun, exciting, and wonderful way for people to pass the time by allowing them to play little and interesting games that could reduce boredom and optimize the time spent on Discord. Making such bots was also a success. People began to like bots for games when the first few were released in the Discord group. Such bots were fast being uploaded to more and more servers, and their reach grew exponentially. As a result, these game-related discord bots have become popular in the discord community, and people are interested in dating them. Among the hundreds of bots available, a few stood out as having a special position in the Discord community, proving to be so entertaining and interesting that users couldn’t resist using them or adding them to their servers. Let’s take a look at some of the top game-related discord bots available in the discord community.


Bot for Discord Dungeons 

This bot is also known as “Discord RPG” and is one of the greatest bots for the game among the Discord community. The bot leads you on an exciting voyage through an intriguing game in which the fundamental premise is to go through dungeons and battle or attack enemies. You may even capture and keep the monster as a pet. Believe it or not, this is a great and pleasant experience, and one may sit and play for hours without being bored. Aside from dungeons and monsters, the game also includes cutting, mining, and a variety of other activities. There are numerous difficult stages as well, including one where you must challenge the boss. The game is enjoyable, addicting, and a blast to play through Discord. Give this fantastic notion a go!


Bot Pokecord 

This bot is another another intriguing and fantastic creation based purely on the premise of one of our childhood favorites, “Pokemon.” The bot will undoubtedly bring back memories of your youth, when practically every youngster watched Pokemon. The game, which is based on the same principle, encourages players to capture various Pokemon and combat them. You can capture an unlimited number of pokemon. As a result, the game seems to be an endless and entertaining one that you may play for hours on end. Throughout the game, it sticks out as an excellent, fascinating, and intriguing experience. If you’ve been a fan of Pokemon from infancy, the game may become addicting, but it’s one you should try at least once. So, download it to your desktop and add it to your server right now!


Idle RPG Bot is a bot that sits about doing nothing.

Another awesome discord bot to kill boredom and make your discord session an interesting one is the Idle RPG Bot is a bot that sits about doing nothing.. The bot is another best one for games. It somewhat works on the same concept as that of the Bot for Discord Dungeons. Though Idle RPG is below in the list due to certain reasons where it is defeated by discord dungeons. Yet, the bot is an interesting one and is a must recommended one to add to your servers. The bot offers a game based on the same concept as the discord dungeons including adventure, battles, keeping pets, fighting in tournaments, and many other exciting things to do. Though it is a little less smooth and simpler as compared to discord dungeon, yet is a must-try kind of bot for your servers. Do give it a try and you’ll definitely feel the fun.


Bot Idle Miner

Based on the concept of the Minecraft game and somewhat similar to it, this bot is another outstanding one in the list that has been trending among the discord community for quite a time. The bot lets you have fun with a game similar to Minecraft (if you have ever experienced Minecraft), including fun things like keeping pets, dimensions, rebirth, mining, and much more things to do. Though the downside of the bot is that it might sometimes face some issues although they are fixed pretty quickly. Bot Idle Miner is growing over the discord community rapidly getting linked to thousands of servers in no time. Thus, this is another much recommended one, so do give it a try!


Discord of BoxBot 

BoxBot is a new bot for Discord games that is both intriguing and distinctive. The bot offers its customers a fun time pass in which they must purchase boxes with money, open them, and sell the items inside. When you read about the bot, it may not appear very interesting, but it is a lot of fun to use in real life. The great part is that you may sometimes get free stuff or unusual things that you can sell and profit from. As a result, the bot is a fascinating one with a distinct idea and interface. So, give it a go!



As a result, we’ve come to the conclusion of some of the most incredible gaming bots accessible on Discord. Gaming bots are something that may help you pass the time or refresh your thoughts for a short period of time. As a result, these bots are a showcase of how hard a developer has toiled on them. The discord bots listed above are also worth adding to your server since they may dramatically increase the reach of your server. Everyone would want to join such a server if they were given an engaging task to perform while killing their boredom, and the bots stated above are some of the finest that can be utilized to attract a large audience. As a result, give the above-mentioned best bots in discord for games a go and experience the finest of the discord community.

The “fun discord bots” are the best discord game bots that play free games. They can be found in almost any category and will have a lot of fun with them.

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