Try 5 Best Fun Photo Apps To Create Funny Photos On iPhone & Android

The best and most fun apps not only allow you to take beautiful photos of any event or occasion, but they also make it easy. These five photo apps are the best way to get your phone camera looking its absolute finest.

The “funny photo filter apps” are a great way to have fun with your photos. They can add some humor or create some really cool effects. You can use these filters on both the iPhone and Android.

Try 5 Best Fun Photo Apps To Create Funny Photos On iPhone & Android


This post will show you how to make hilarious images on your iPhone and Android using the 5 greatest fun photo apps. These amusing picture generating applications provide a variety of unique features and allow you to produce hilarious images.

Try any of these excellent fun picture generators for your iPhone or Android if you want to share your hilarious images with your social media friends and admirers.

Apps for Creating Hilarious Photos

1. FaceApp – Funny Photo Maker (iPhone and Android) –

One of the greatest picture applications for making humorous photographs that seem genuine. FaceApp creates picture effects that are lifelike.

This program can transform your picture into a variety of effects, including a smiling face effect, younger and older photo effects, gender switching, eye glasses, beards, hairstyle switching, and more.

The greatest picture editor tool for changing your appearance electronically. The app includes a variety of entertaining picture features, such as a photo backdrop switcher and a DSLR lens blur effect.

You may also use any face to morph existing photographs to create new ones.


FaceApp for iPhone is available for download.

FaceApp for Android is available for download.

2. ImgLabs 25+ Fun Tools: Funny Photo Maker App (iOS & Android) –

Unique picture editor with over 25 interesting features for making hilarious images or drastically changing your appearance.

Basically, this is a full-featured photography software with picture editing capabilities, an Instagram square collage builder, humorous photo stickers, and a variety of other tools.

This software is the perfect solution for your iPhone if you want to show off your creativity to your Facebook or Instagram pals.

The software has a rapid square-fit collage creator tool for Instagram, among other features. This app’s iPhone version allows you to combine up to 28 photographs into a single square collage frame. You may include up to 9 photographs in a single collage frame with the Android version. Making gorgeous picture collages is a simple way to share your experiences.

The software allows you to experiment with facial moustaches, eyeglasses, fashionable clothing, and body tattoos. There are other features in the app, including gorgeous picture frames.

If you are a creative user, you will like this program since it features a variety of interesting tools, such as a text tool for adding captions and creating memes.

On your iPhone or iPad, this is a great app for making amusing images.


ImgLabs is a free app for iPhone and iPad.

3. MixBooth – Funny Photo Maker (iPhone & Android) –

MixBooth is one of the greatest fun picture creation applications for smartphone users, allowing you to combine two faces to create a new image.

Although this software hasn’t been updated in a while, it still works on practically all smartphones and allows you to simply generate amusing photographs.

MixBooth is the ideal app for your iPhone or Android if you want to make humorous images and share them with your friends and family. You only need to choose a picture from your album and then adjust the markings; you will then be given the choice to combine your photo with other amusing faces.

A fun picture program that makes it simple to make hilarious images is highly recommended.


MixBooth is a free app for iPhone.

Install MixBooth on your Android device.

4. Photo Lab: The Best Fun Photo App (iOS & Android) –

All-in-one picture editing program with a variety of tools and settings, as well as the ability to make amusing photographs.

This program is the greatest fun picture app for your iPhone or Android smartphone if you want to add fun photo effects to your photos.

900+ fun picture effects, entertaining face montages, artwork effects, professional photo editing tools, realistic photo effects, photo collage creator tools, and many more features are included in the software.

For creative smartphone users, this is a really helpful and enjoyable picture editing software with a lot of features.


Photo Lab is an iPhone app that you may download.

Install the Photo Lab app on your Android device.

5. YouCam Fun Face Filters (Android & iPhone) –

The greatest selfie picture app with a variety of fun photo effects and augmented reality face filters. This software is the finest choice for your smartphone if you want to shoot live video with AR face filters.

The software includes live stickers and effects for photographs and videos, as well as live photo filters, video effects, and a variety of photo effects such as haircuts, animal effects, and other facial effects.

This is a great picture software for making humorous images and movies. With fun photo filters and effects, you can simply create amusing photographs and movies. You may use the live sticker option to add stickers to your films. Create humorous photographs and videos with this app.


For iPhone, get the Fun Face Filter app.

For Android, get the Fun Face Filter app.

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The “funny face app for iphone” is a fun photo app that allows users to create funny photos on their phone. If you are looking for a new photo app, this is the one to try.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make funny pictures on iPhone?

A: The best way to make funny pictures on iPhone is by using the camera. With your phone in selfie mode, place it near a mirror or window for some interesting shots!

How do I get the funny filters on my iPhone?

How do you make cool pictures on iPhone?

A: The best way to make cool pictures on iPhone is by using editing apps such as Filmic Pro, VSCO, Snapseed.

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