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It’s been a long time since the first website was created, and yet typingtest.com is still one of the most popular sites in existence today. The site provides simple typings tests to determine your level of literacy, with multiple levels available from basic to advanced (10th grade). Typing tes

The “typing practice” is a website where you can type in text and get feedback. It is also a place to learn how to type.

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typingtest.com offers a free online Typing Test and exciting typing games and … Easy login every time you want to flex your typing muscles to earn more points!


Online keyboarding and touch-typing lessons are available. Increase your wpm speed by two.


FREE Technology Foundations Education! Our thorough curriculum, which covers coding, digital literacy, and keyboarding, will help you develop important skills.


Check Your Typing for Free. Try out our free online typing test! We have three different typing tests that you may take: one that lasts one minute, three minutes, and five minutes.


Find out your WPM (words per minute), practice typing, and take free online tests to measure your speed.


We provide 144 free typing exams online, 10 typing games, typing drills, and keyboarding tutorials. Register an account or log in. Start the test right now!


Use the one-minute typing test to evaluate your typing speed. … get access to member-only deals that are unique. Get a FREE account right now. Already signed up? Login …


Check your typing speed with a free online typing test! includes several text possibilities and numerous… To monitor your progress, log in or register. Time. 01:00. (WPM) Speed: 0.


Test your typing speed online with the Ratatype WPM typing test to see how quickly you can type. You’ll also get an online typing certificate.




Sign in or create an account. Take a typing test before ordering your certificate from the account page. Utilize our free online tools to increase your accuracy and WPM.


Test your typing speed and accuracy in 1, 3, or 5 minutes. With our typing tutorials, you may learn touch typing. Totally free; no login necessary.

The “typing tutor” is a website that provides users with an opportunity to learn how to type. The website also offers lessons and practice tests.

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