Using Free SEO Link Back Sources to Increase the Earning Potential of Your Web Content

SEO strategies evolve continuously making it difficult to create effective long-term plans to drive large volumes of traffic to your online money pages. However, over the next 12 months, SEO experts are saying that the most effective SEO strategy for web content developers and promoters to use is going to be to develop a more elaborate and extensive link back system. A link back system is basically just virtual fingers, or links, that point people to the location of your content. If you want to dramatically increase your online revenue this year, then use these five free link back websites and SEO tools to give your content the finger.
Free Link Back Resource No. 1 – Facebook

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Facebook is a social networking site that allows you to set up a free account. After you have your account set up you can post blogs, build friend lists and make connections that will help you to get the word out about your content. To get the most from this free link back website, make sure you include one link per 200 words of content that you post.

Free Link Back Resource No. 2 – Jaiku

Jaiku is another great social networking site that supports micro-blogging and networking activities. This free link back website is basically just Google’s version of Twitter. To get the most from this resource you will want to engage in conversations with other users of Jaiku and develop your reputation as an expert on your topic.

Free Link Back Resource No. 3 – MySpace

MySpace is one of the best known social networking sites online. To use this site to build your back links for your money pages, you will want to build your friend list, develop a regular blog and recruit subscribers. For the best results, make sure you mix up the urls that you use in your in-text links.

Free Link Back Resource No. 4 -Second Life

Second Life is not your run of the mill social networking site. It is a 3D virtual community in which you can build an online presence. This site not only will allow you to interact with people from around the world, but it will also allow you to set up businesses, conversations and complete business transactions online. You can use this site to both create link backs to your money pages, as well as earn a separate SecondLife income.

Free Link Back Resource No. 5 – Squidoo

Squidoo is a newer virtual networking site that focuses on content more than on social interactions. To benefit from this free link back SEO tool you will need to create lenses that provide information on topics that are related to your money pages. Then, within your lens add links to your money pages and to other valuable websites that the reader may find interesting. You can also improve your link back response by exchanging links with other lenses in the system.

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