What Do I Do If My Apple Pencil Keeps Disconnecting (Answered!)

If you’ve been experiencing a disconnection with your Apple Pencil, try the following steps:
-Restarting your iPad or iPhone can fix many problems. Simply press and hold both the Sleep/Wake button located on top of your device and Touch ID sensor for 10 seconds until it shuts down.
-If this does not work, restarting may not be enough to solve all issues so contact Apple Support for further assistance

The “apple pencil disconnects when detached” is a problem that has been present for a while. Apple released an update to fix the issue.

What Do I Do If My Apple Pencil Keeps Disconnecting (Answered!)

Using an iPad has never been simpler thanks to the Apple Pencil. You no longer have to be concerned about your fingertips ruining your work. More than a typical stylus, it provides accuracy and assures that everything you’re working on is correct. However, several Apple Pencil users have reported that their devices are continually disconnecting.

There are a few things you may do to troubleshoot your Apple Pencil if it keeps disconnecting. The majority of them are simple to solve and won’t need you to purchase a new Apple Pencil or waste time figuring out how to reconnect your Apple Pencil.

It’s simple to reconnect an Apple Pencil, but the most difficult aspect is figuring out why it’s disconnecting in the first place. You can quickly reconnect your Apple Pencil after you understand why it is disconnecting.

Why Does My Apple Pencil Disconnect?

There will be occasional problems and failures, as with other types of technology. This is something that the Apple Pencil isn’t immune to. When you use an Apple Pencil, you’re not just relying on the device to operate well; you’re also relying on other technology, such as Bluetooth, to work successfully.

There are a few reasons why your Apple Pencil can disconnect while you’re using it. The following are some of the reasons:

  1. Bluetooth isn’t switched on.
  2. There is a problem with the Bluetooth connection.
  3. The battery in the Apple Pencil has died.
  4. The Apple Pencil has a physical issue, such as a broken or loose tip.

Follow the instructions below to reconnect your Apple Pencil after you’ve figured out why it’s disconnecting.

Reconnecting an Apple Pencil

Once you know why your Apple Pencil is disconnected, reconnecting it is a straightforward job. If you can’t figure out why your Apple Pencil isn’t functioning, you may attempt each of these steps to reconnect your Apple Pencil to your iPad and get it working again. 

Bluetooth Problems

One of the most typical causes for an Apple Pencil disconnecting from the iPad is that the Bluetooth connection is broken. The most typical problem is that it hasn’t been switched on. 

First, check sure your iPad’s Bluetooth is turned on. To do so, go to your settings and look for “Bluetooth.” Then turn on the switch. After that, check to see whether the Apple Pencil can link with the iPad. For this to work, you may need to “forget device” and attempt pairing it again.

Another thing that might happen if you have a Bluetooth problem is that you may believe your Apple Pencil is connected when it isn’t. Select “Devices” from the Bluetooth menu in your settings.

The Apple Pencil should appear on the screen. If the Apple Pencil does not show, connect it into the Lightning Port. The iPad will be able to identify the Apple Pencil as a result of this.

Problems with Batteries

Another reason the Apple Pencil keeps disconnecting from your iPad is because the battery is fading or dead on the Apple Pencil. 

Connect your Apple Pencil to your iPad and access the “Today View” to check the battery level on your Apple Pencil. The charge state of the Apple Pencil will be shown alongside the charge status of other linked devices, such as Apple AirPods.

If your Apple Pencil’s battery is low, you can charge it by plugging it into your iPad or using a USB power adapter. If your Apple Pencil isn’t charging, you’ll need to get a new one.

Issues with Apple Pencil Tips

Disconnecting your Apple Pencil might also be caused by a problem with the tip. The tip of the Apple Pencil may develop a number of difficulties, including being overly loose or worn down.

If the Apple Pencil’s tip is loose, just tighten it to its original position. If it falls off the Apple Pencil or wiggles while you’re using it, you’ll know it’s loose.

It’s typical for the tip of the Apple Pencil to wear away over time. Certain screen protectors and how hard you press on the iPad’s surface will make this happen more often. If the tip on your Apple Pencil becomes worn down, you may quickly replace it with a new one. 

Reboot the iPad.

Sometimes, for no apparent reason, a gadget may not operate or connect correctly. When this occurs, you should usually attempt restarting the devices. This is a popular solution for most Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as vehicles, phones, and AirPods.  

To ensure that the Apple Pencil connects correctly, restart your iPad. It’s possible that you’ll have to reset it a few times before the pairing works. You may restart your iPad by doing the following:

  1. Hold down the top and volume up buttons simultaneously until the power slider displays on the screen.
  2. Turn off the iPad. Restarting will take thirty seconds.

You’ll need to forcibly restart your iPad if the power slider doesn’t show or you can’t push it to the off position. When the iPad is frozen, this occurs.

To do so, push and release the volume up button, then press and release the volume down button before pressing and holding the top button. Restart your iPad and reconnect your Apple Pencil if necessary.

What Do I Do If My Apple Pencil Keeps Disconnecting

Additional Assistance

If none of the techniques above fail to link your Apple Pencil to your iPad, you should contact Apple Support for help. A person from Apple may be able to assist you more effectively.

It’s also possible that you’ll need to replace your Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil, like other Apple accessories, comes with a one-year guarantee.


If you are using an Apple Pencil, you are counting on it to perform just way you need it to, yet, sometimes it may detach from your iPad.

Following a few simple steps will ensure that you can connect your Apple Pencil to your iPad in no time and with no effort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Apple Pencil randomly disconnecting?

A: Your Apple Pencil will disconnect randomly when you are playing Beat Saber because of the way that it is written on. The more time your pencil touches a surface, such as a table or computer screen, the shorter its life span becomes.

How do I fix my Apple Pencil connection?

A: There are a few steps you can take to fix the connection with your Apple Pencil. One thing you could do is make sure that there is no dust or dirt on either of the devices, since this might cause problems for its ability to communicate properly with Beat Saber. Another possibility would be cleaning out any debris near where the two devices connect. If none of these work, then we recommend trying another USB cord and/or connecting through Bluetooth rather than using wired connections in order to try fixing whatever issues are causing connectivity issues.

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