Why Scalebound could hit Microsoft’s Xbox console

Scalebound is an ambitious new Nintendo-developed IP that hit a snag in its development. Microsoft purchased the rights to publish and distribute the game, which has many hopeful for what could be one of Xbox’s most important first party games since Forza Horizon 2.

The “why was scalebound cancelled” is a question that has been asked for a while now. There are many reasons why the game was cancelled, but it seems like Microsoft has finally answered.

Why Scalebound could hit Microsoft’s Xbox console


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  • Despite the fact that Scalebound has been dead for a long time, the game continues to pique the imagination of both players and developers.
  • If Microsoft stamps it, the game will be available in platinum games for those who want to take it up again.
  • If Microsoft decides to continue development, it will be for the upcoming Xbox series X.


It’s been a while since Microsoft officially stated that Scalebound, an action-adventure game created by PlatinumGames, will be cancelled.

Microsoft didn’t go into detail about why Scalebound was canceled, other than to say that after multiple efforts to resurrect the project, it opted to call it a day.

Although the game’s development crew has gone on to other projects, it looks that the studios are still interested in the IP and may revive it in the future. 

Developers’ perspectives

Since it was canceled, many gamers have shown an interest in seeing whether Microsoft would reconsider and revive it. The game’s creators are also still very interested in reviving it.

Occasionally, you’ll hear a developer express hope that Microsoft may rethink the game in an interview. Many of them are enthusiastic about Scalebound and would want to keep working on it.

If given the opportunity, the game’s developers claim they would be able to continue production of Scalebound. They want to get down with Microsoft and have a serious conversation about restarting the game.

Any talk with Microsoft about restarting Scalebound would have to entail serious consideration of the game’s destiny.

The growth of Scalebound

Platinum Games produced Scalebound for Microsoft’s Xbox One platform and Windows operating system some time ago.

When the game was first released, it drew a lot of interest from players who were intrigued by its characteristics. Due to technological challenges, Microsoft had to wait many years after the initial announcement before launching it.

The player controls a character that is aided by a dragon that he may control throughout the game, which is situated in a magical world. 

The visuals were stunning, and the gameplay seemed to be very promising. Microsoft Studios was supposed to publish the game, however it was subsequently canceled.

It’s unclear if Microsoft owns any rights to the Scalebound idea or IP, or whether PlatinumGames may continue to develop it independently. 

However, if production continues, the game would most certainly be launched on both Microsoft’s future Xbox hardware and Windows PCs.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on Scalebound’s current state. Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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“Scalebound what happened” is a question that many gamers are asking. The game was announced in 2014 and then cancelled in 2017. This means that the game could hit Microsoft’s Xbox console. Reference: scalebound what happened.

Frequently Asked Questions

What went wrong with Scalebound?

A: Scalebound was a game by PlatinumGames and published by Microsoft Studios that released in the US on January 12, 2017 for Xbox One. It had been met with mostly negative reviews from critics, who criticized its combat design as repetitive and shallow. The story received mixed criticism; some praised it for using Japanese folklore to be creative but others felt that it was predictable or did not make sense at times due to cultural differences between Japan and North America. The release of the game was also plagued with connectivity issues which made players unable to play online multiplayer modes like co-op mode until later updates were issued

Will Scalebound ever be released?

A: The Scalebound demo released for Xbox One in 2016. A new trailer was released on June 12, 2017 that announced a release date of January 2019. However, the game has since been delayed to April 2020 and is no longer listed as releasing this year.

Is Xbox under Microsoft?

A: Xbox is a brand of Microsoft Corporation.

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