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This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to find and download the Yahoo Mail desktop version for your iPhone.

The “yahoo mail desktop site” is the official website for Yahoo Mail. The site allows users to access their email on a computer without having to use the mobile app.

Please check out the sites below if you’re seeking for the yahoo mail desktop version on an iPhone:

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Learn how to download the Yahoo Mail app and how to login in to your Yahoo Mail Pro account on desktop and mobile devices. … Log in to access your mail. Return to Help Center. Due to COVID-19, there is restricted agent support. web for mobile Download the Yahoo Mail iOS app. Install the Android app for Yahoo Mail.


Viewing a website’s desktop version is simple on iOS 9. The choice is now accessible from the Share menu. Open a website in… to do this.

How to get a desktop site on an iPhone or iPad using Safari


The website you want to always see in desktop mode should load when Safari is open on your iPhone. From the upper left, choose AA and then click Website Settings.


The Yahoo Mail Yahoo’s mobile view is stuck.

One thing I do know is that it won’t switch even if you ask for the desktop version on an iPhone using Mobile Safari or Mobile Chrome. AFAIK, incidents like these occur…

How to use the entire Yahoo site on a mobile device



…the online version still has a lot of functionality that the desktop version does not. How then can you prevent Yahoo, and particularly Yahoomail, from redirecting to mobile? Why won’t the display on a Symbian phone be the same as that on an iPhone?

On your phone or mobile device, Android lets you customize how you want to see webpages. With this option, you may go from a…


The Mail section of Yahoo does not appear in desktop mode, while the rest does. Every time I try to use Yahoo Mail, I am sent to one of two sites:

You may modify the Yahoo Mail app’s default settings from here if you need to. It works with Android smartphones going all the way back to version 2.2, but not with iPhones. Some versions of the Mail app allow you to scroll down and then hit the “Settings” option. Use a desktop computer to access your Yahoo Mail preferences.


iPad Yahoo Mail integration


In this article we will show you how to properly iPad Yahoo Mail integration. If you are on a later iOS version after iOS 11, please refer to this guide to set up Yahoo …



Your inbox will appear on the iPhone screen when you input your login and password. Install the Yahoo Mail app on your device.


The “request desktop site ipad chrome” is a feature that allows users to request the desktop version of Yahoo Mail. The feature is available on both iPhone and iPad.

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