YouTube recommendations broken

YouTube has been broken for the past few days. Some users have reported that they are unable to watch any videos, while others have noticed their recommendations being completely different.

The youtube recommended broken 2021 reddit is a problem that many people have been experiencing. YouTube has not yet released any fixes for the issue, but it will be fixed in 2020.

When “YouTube recommendations are malfunctioning,” you may get strange and irrelevant video choices.

YouTube has a certain algorithm, and the videos that are suggested to you are based on the searches you do and the channels you subscribe to. However, YouTube may get confused and begin displaying you unrelated content.

In this post, I’ll go over all there is to know about YouTube recommendations and how to improve them.


What exactly are YouTube Recommendations and how do they function?

I know you’re wondering, “What happened to my YouTube suggestion, and how can I repair it?” Let’s learn something before we repair it, if you have patience.

As previously mentioned, YouTube uses algorithms to provide suggestions, but there are many additional factors to consider, such as location and language.

What is YouTube Recommendation and How Does It Work?

We use YouTube for a variety of reasons, including entertainment, music, education, and even as a creator. YouTube starts recommending similar videos that fit your interest based on your search and viewing history.

For example, if you like watching prank films and subscribe to such channels, YouTube may begin to suggest similar prank videos to you.

But what if you suddenly start getting unrelated video suggestions, which may be strange and even frightening if such recommendations appear in front of others?


How to Fix Faulty YouTube Recommendations

I’m going to show you a couple of the best ways to solve YouTube suggestions on both your PC and your phone.

Method 1: Make sure you’re signed in with your YouTube ID.

Do you have several Gmail accounts or does someone else use your device?

If you answered yes, bear in mind that different IDs sync different suggestions, and you may get different recommendations if you are signed in with another YouTube account or with no account at all.

There may be a variety of issues, such as the YouTube sidebar being absent, just because you haven’t signed into your account.

Make that your profile image is visible on the right-hand side of YouTube, and that you are logged in with your account.


How to fix youtube recommendations How to Make YouTube Recommendations Work for You




Method 2: Ensure that YouTube Recommendation is turned on (YouTube recommendations broken)

YouTube offers you the option of enabling or disabling YouTube recommendations based on your preferences.

If this option is switched off for any reason or by mistake, YouTube recommendations will stop working and you will get random suggestions.


How to Enable Recommendation on YouTube

Open YouTube in your browser and go to the very top of the page to the profile image. Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

On the left-hand navigation bar, choose the “Notifications” option. Recommended movies may now be found under your preferences; make sure this option is turned on.

You may also activate additional settings if they are disabled, then restart the browser to see whether the problem has been addressed.


Turn off youtube recommendations Turn off YouTube suggestions.




Method 3: Clear your YouTube search history and history of what you’ve seen (YouTube recommendations broken)


This technique requires clearing the YouTube search and viewing histories, which will completely reset the YouTube suggestion.

People who question “Why does YouTube constantly suggesting content I don’t like” should use this technique to solve YouTube recommendations if the previous methods don’t work.


How to Delete Your YouTube Viewing History

Open YouTube in your browser and go to the very top of the page to the profile image. Choose “Your data in YouTube” from the drop-down menu.


How to delete youtube recommended Recommendations on how to remove YouTube videos


Click “Manage YouTube Watch History” at the bottom of the page. This will display the full watch history along with all of the available choices.


Reset YouTube recommendationReset the YouTube suggestion


Now, choose Delete, which will take you to a new page.

Reset YouTube recommendationsYouTube suggestions should be reset.


To confirm, click All time and then Delete on the following screen. Wait till the procedure is finished.


How to Delete the Search History on YouTube

Return to the YouTube website and choose “Your Data in YouTube” from the profile picture drop-down menu.

Now go to “Manage your YouTube search history” and scroll down to “YouTube search history.”

To continue, click Delete once more.

Delete YouTube ActivityRemove your YouTube activity


To begin the procedure, choose All time from the time column and then click Delete.



Method 4: Indicate that you are not interested in the recommended videos.

If the previous approach works for you up to a point but you’re still receiving a few useless movies, you may label them as uninteresting.

By doing so, you’ll be signaling to YouTube that you don’t want such films on your list. As these YouTube recommendations demonstrate, it’s a waste of time.

From the main page as well as the sidebar, you may designate these films as uninteresting. Simply choose “Not interested” from the three dots beneath the video.


How to fix irrelevant YouTube recommendationsMark videos on YouTube as uninteresting.


Method 5: Delete Browser and App Browsing Data (YouTube recommendations broken)

According to a few users, previously stored browser caches and data from other synched accounts may also cause YouTube recommendations to break.

So, on the phone, delete the YouTube cache with data, and on the browser, erase the surfing data and reset.

Clear your browsing history and reset your browser.

Click the three dots in Google Chrome, then choose Settings from the drop-down menu.

Click “Privacy and Security” from the left-hand menu, then “Clear Browsing Data.”


Clear chrome browsing dataClear your internet history in Chrome.


Now go to the advanced tab and choose All time from the time range drop-down menu. Password and Autofill form data should be unchecked. After that, click Clear Data.


Youtube comments not showing on chromeChrome comments aren’t showing up on Youtube.


To reset, scroll down and select Advanced, then scroll all the way down to the bottom to “return settings to their original defaults.”



Question Frequently Asked

How can I get rid of YouTube’s suggested films at the bottom?

If you don’t want any video recommendations at the conclusion of the video or on the site, go to YouTube settings and deactivate YouTube recommendations.


Is it possible that YouTube has advised you not to load?

Follow procedure 5 on a PC, and open settings on a phone and tap on Apps or App Manager.

Search for YouTube in the Apps section and touch it to launch it. After that, tap on Storage, then Clear Data and Clear Cache. Restart the device after you’re finished.



The five techniques listed above are the most effective ways to repair faulty YouTube recommendations and eliminate irrelevant searches.

Though it’s possible that this is due to a YouTube issue, so if nothing seems to be working, please give it some time.

If your issue has been fixed, please let me know which approach worked for you in the comments section. Please let me know if you have any other ideas for solving this issue.

YouTube recommendations are broken, which is why you might be seeing videos that you don’t want to watch. This can be fixed by disabling the recommendations feature entirely. Reference: how to stop youtube recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset YouTube Recommendations 2021?

The only way to reset YouTubes recommendations is to delete your history. To do this, go into settings and select History then Delete.

Why cant I see recommended videos on YouTube?

YouTube has a copyright policy that prevents them from recommending videos that are not theirs.

How do I get rid of bad YouTube recommendations?

To get rid of bad YouTube recommendations, there are a few different things you can do. For starters, if you want to stop getting recommended videos that are not in your language, go to the settings on your YouTube app and change it to English. You can also turn off suggested videos by going into your account settings and turning them off. If none of these options work for you, try disabling mobile data or Wi-Fi on your phone while watching YouTube.

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