VPN importance for marketing and business

Have you ever been scrolling through your favorite social media and come across great content that you couldn’t open due to geo-location restrictions, or do you simply want to increase your online security and activities without allowing anyone unwanted access to your search or sensitive information you may enter online?

A VPN is without a doubt one of the best tools for protecting your online privacy, allowing you complete internet freedom without fear of your valuable data falling into the wrong hands. Long story short, it completely encrypts your connection between your computer and the internet, keeping you disguised that way as you browse, shop, and pay online!

Well, there is an effective solution for that snag! It is called VPN (Virtual Private Network). In the sea of VPN clients nowadays, we would like to highlight the best VPN service in the US – Surfshark VPN!

About Surfshark

Surfshark is a number-one choice when it comes to VPN clients! It has secured you with over 600 servers located in 25 from East to West coast and with over 3200 servers located worldwide for total anonymity! And this isn’t everything; hang on, we are just warming up!

Protect your online privacy, have full control over your data, access any content safely, secure your browsing thanks to AES-256-bit encryption, and eliminate internet speed choking. Unlimited bandwidth is also part of the wide range of advantages provided by Surfshark, therefore you won’t have to worry about your favorite TV show lagging due to a slow connection. These obstacles are not apparent when using Surfshark.

Do you want to secure and encrypt your privacy on other devices you use? Surfshark got you covered there, as well! It allows you to use your account across multiple devices simultaneously while enjoying private and undisturbed browsing at high speeds no matter the platform – Windows, Linux, iOS, Apple TV, Chrome, Firefox… it doesn’t matter.

Protect your online privacy

Surfshark guarantees that your connection is private and safe, so you don’t have to worry about anyone tracking or stealing your data, and your geographical location is disguised by changing your IP address. This results in clean browsing without the obnoxious adverts we’re constantly bombarded with and secured browsing on public Wi-Fi networks, preventing tracking and keeping searches private!

Control your data

Surfshark took care of preventing any leaks with robust encryption, warning you immediately if your data is leaked somewhere, and it also warns you when it is time to update your passwords to prevent any unwanted breaches with periodic email security reports!

Access content safely

Being unable to access favorite content online is a pain in the neck but not with Surfshark! Enjoy your online freedom accessing blocked content anywhere in the world without tracking, spying, or annoying buffering while watching your favorite sports team or TV show!

More on why you should implement VPN right now

Due to its marvelous wholesomeness, VPN is considered a vital and highly necessary tool in the plethora of security tools for anyone that knows barely about computers! To illustrate it a bit more, we will describe VPN using an example from real life.

Imagine the real world as the Internet. Now imagine you leave your home and go after your daily tasks and goals. For instance, you stop by to buy yourself a coffee and a treat, by your favorite restaurant, or into your bank or a clothing store. While you do all that, you are highly visible and noticeable and everyone can see what you do. Instead of performing all of the above scenarios publicly, imagine using secret pathways to your end destinations (coffee shop, restaurant, clothing store, and bank). That way you are out of anyone’s eyesight and you act completely incognito avoiding unwanted visitors and trackers.

That’s where VPN enters the scene as it is the same with the ‘real’ Internet and VPNs. VPN ensures you those secret passages enabling you to browse, shop, and purchase online without anyone being able to access your activities and information.

The whole online traffic you make, and your physical location are going to be utterly hidden. How? Well, VPN here acts as a middleman or proxy and does a gargantuan job by diverting your traffic to another server geo-located elsewhere in the world. This means not only unwanted users and malware third-party apps cannot access your online activity but also your ISP cannot do it, either! How cool is that – complete online freedom!?

Normally, when you want to access a website, your web request would go through your ISP server. However, with a VPN activated in the background, when you access a website, the VPN client will, unlike in the normal case, mask your IP address and route your request through its server. This way not only it hides your IP address and reroutes your requests, but also it encrypts your online trail keeping your identity secured and hidden.

To simplify – when you browse the internet without using a VPN, hackers, government bodies, your ISP, spies and snoops, and other individuals can easily trace your activities and get your IP address. On the other side, using VPN, your device’s connection with the internet will be encrypted with a high layer of security dedicating you a new IP address and rerouting you through a different server snubbing any unwanted side to trace your online moves.

If this didn’t convince you about VPNs usability and effectiveness, we know what will! You’ve probably wondered how the Internet knew you wanted a new pair of shoes or a new TV. Did you realize your ISP can sell your online activity data to large corporations that provide us with those irritating yet tailored ads? Additionally, local authorities can access your online data at any time by requesting it from your ISP. If you don’t want to be this exposed, use a VPN!


If you had any doubts about getting a VPN, those will be gone after reading this article. We did our best to illustrate as clearly as possible how VPNs work and why they are so significant. We’d like to highlight an exceptional gem among VPN clients once more. – Surfshark VPN!